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Gio Internet - Happy Easter

Only three months ago, Gio Internet sent debt collectors to chase after customers who they allege owed them money only to find that the collection agency Wescot Credit Services dropped the matter after significant numbers of ex-Gio users protested against their debts claiming they had cancelled the services, not received services, among other reasons.

Having sent their Christmas presents, Gio have not forgotten their valued customers and have now decided to send them an Easter present in the form of Outsourced Credit Management Ltd. (OCM) who have been writing to former Gio customers demanding payment for the same amounts Wescot suspended collection activities.

"OCM has been engaged to collect from you the amount of £______ owing to GioServe.

This amount is considerably overdue and therefore requires your immediate attention.

As we can assist you with the repayment of this debt by arranging a Regulated Credit Agreement with a minimal charge for setting up the agreement, it is important that you phone us immediately.

Delay may result in the County Court being instructed to serve a claim on you. Your cost of attending court, payment of interest and solicitors fees could be considerable.

However, by making an immediate call we can assist you by resolving the matter in a few minutes."

Letter from Outsourced Credit Management Ltd. to a former Gio Internet customer (original emphasis)

If anyone who has not already contacted us about OCM has received one of these letters, please e-mail us. We will continue to monitor the situation.

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