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Some clarification on the latest Gio rumours

Andy Jenkins over on has reported on the rumour that Gio customers are to be migrated to

We have spoken with Charles Holland, the MD of Gio Internet about this situation, and can confirm that those Gio customers whose connection is via the Telefonica Wholesale Datastream platform, may well find themselves migrating to another Teleconica customer. The move affects around 10% of the Gio ADSL customers. Telefonica took over this block of customers back in August, when Gio Internet decided to concentrate its efforts on the IPStream based platform run by Hauka. For those that may eventually move provider, since it will remain within the Telefonica network, any changes should be seamless, and hopefully at the time, Telefonica or the gaining provider will contact affected customers.

The move to focus on IPStream is interesting, as it appears to reflect a fairly common view, that unless you are going to be providing hundreds of thousands of connections, that IPStream is generally a better platform.


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