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Gio Internet - in trouble?

Gio Internet who were one of the first very cheap ADSL ISPs, sometimes so cheap that many thought they cannot survive, may be on the verge of disappearing. It is hard to tell, but Gio users connecting via the wholesale provider Netservices, are getting a page saying that 'Gio have not paid their bills' and pointing the customers towards an ISP called F1Internet. People are posting more details in our Unlisted ISP section on the BBS.

We have attempted to contact Gio using the various numbers on their website, but all numbers result in no connection, including ones used by If any one has anything definitive on what is happening feel free to post on the BBS, or email me [email protected].

Netservices has gone on public record saying that Gio Internet Limited owe them around £220,000. See a statement here.


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