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Gio transfers circa 1,350 customers to CustomNET

Last week, Gio completed the transfer of around 1,350 customers on Telefonica's DataStream service to CustomNET. This move which affects about 10% of Gio's customer base has been to allow Gio to consolidate its services and focus on providing Hauka IPStream based services.

Users affected by the change who have already been contacted by e-mail need to get in touch with CustomNET to arrange for a transfer to be finalised by tomorrow to maintain their service. Users signing up to a twelve month contract can continue to pay Gio pricing whilst those wishing to opt for the month-by-month contract will be subject to a price rise to bring it into line with CustomNET's existing pricing. Those signing up for 12 months will also get a free domain and hosting.

More details can be found here.


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