ISP Listing Policy


Our aim is to provide one of the most comprehensive broadband package listings for discrening consumers looking for broadband services. Our listing policy is designed to be inclusive both in terms of business size and technology. Listed providers must keep us updated on details of their packages on a regular basis, and providers failing to do this may be de-listed without warning. We also ask for more technical details (such as the underlying wholesale providers of your products) as some of our users use this information for planning resilience of their services.

We do not act as a free marketing tool for broadband resellers who put their name on someone else's product and add little or no value to the broadband service. Our policy on listing 'resellers' is therefore quite strict and focussed on ensuring consumer expectations.

Listing Criteria

In order to be listed as a broadband provider on our site, you MUST meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a UK-registered company (England & Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland); this includes Limited companies and CICs; AND
  • You must EITHER
     (1) operate a network of substance*; OR
     (2) be a major reseller (a nationally recognised brand) providing widescale broadband coverage**; AND
  • IF you operate an affiliate programme, you must permit us to join on terms not less favourable than other websites; AND
  • You must provide us with your coverage information (in a formal acceptable to us); AND
  • You must keep us regularly updated on changes to your services.

* Network of substance - We will regard a network as tending to meet this criteria if it operates significant routing infrastructure (which would typically mean it has its own public Autonomous System controlling its own routing policy with multiple upstream providers/routes) and/or operates its own significant last-mile infrastructure (e.g. provides wireless/FTTH broadband services to a substantial area); We will take a flexible approach on listing micro-providers which offer unique services (e.g. pure fibre services in local areas). 

** Major resellers - We will exceptionally list major resellers of services available on a widescale basis; we expect these to form a minority of listings. Although historically our policy has been not to list resellers at all, we have found that consumers buying from major household names may be confused by such providers not being listed. We may use any reasonable criteria to judge this, including number of users in audited accounts or our own data such as the number of speed tests we see from users.

We do add network operators who have dedicated IP blocks to our speed test detection system even if they do not meet listing criteria.

We reserve the right to suspend or withdraw any listing for any reason we see fit, to prioritise listings based on our judgment of the most suitable package for users at the time (e.g. we may give preference to a full-fibre service or a local broadband provider over national providers) or to promote special offers from some providers.

Please note that we do not remove negative reviews, comments or posts made on our site unless these breach our rules. 

Further Details


We will list packages that meet our listing specifications in terms of information provided; we will list packages as including Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) costs where providers require such lines to be purchased from them. Packages without WLR which require a "BT line or (equivalent)" shall be flagged as such and only be shown to users who specify they would like to see services which require a separate phone line contract (we strongly advise providers to therefore list both WLR and non-WLR inclusive services. We reserve the right to price packages based on the comparative specifications we use (or decide not to the list them) to ensure a fair comparison.

IP Address Assignments

We need to know the IP address ranges you assign to customers of your broadband service. This is so we can enhance features of our site and automatically detect your customers and show information that may be relevant to them. We also use this information to allow your customers to rate your services and record speedtests. This information should be sent in classless (CIDR) notation, one per line, in the body of the e-mail and should only include the ranges you use for your broadband service. Please check with your network team if you do not know this information.

Package format

We generally find the easiest way to list packages is for you to provide the list of packages along with URLs to a website containing the information. We will ask any follow-up questions. You must check the listings are accurate at the point they are added, and at regular intervals thereafter; we will not automatically update listings unless we become aware they require changes.

Listing Queries

All queries about ISP listings, including updates, should be sent to [email protected] or any other e-mail address we direct. For ISP additions/updates, please include the ISP name in the subject of the e-mail. We use a ticketing system, so please ensure any responses are sent by replying to the original e-mails from us, retaining the existing subject line.