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Gio issue press release on the current problems has a copy of press release issued by Gio Internet. It would appear from comments elsewhere in the press, that the 3,000 customers affected are around 15% of the Gio ADSL user base.

Update: Various figures are appearring for the number of users affected now, another source vnunet has said "Gio said in a statement that only around 1,400 of its 3,300 customer base having a [email protected] account are affected".

GioInternet are taking this opportunity to issue an urgent press release with regard to our provision of ADSL services.

This press release is in reference to an ongoing dispute with Netservices, an existing platform provider which affects a percentage of our current ADSL user base.

GioInternet are currently in dispute with this provider and those users affected are identified as having a [email protected] account.

Gio Internet have no knowledge of F1Internet and this action has been taken without our knowledge or cooperation. We have not made our customer data available to any third parties except for the purposes of provisioning orders.

Also, Contrary to recent publicity surrounding the trading position of GioInternet, the company continues to trade as normal in the provision of dialup and ADSL services.

Moreover please be advised of the following :-

-If you are unhappy with the manner in which subsequent card payments are taken by F1Internet these should be challenged by contacting your card provider directly.

Correspondingly GioInternet will take the following immediate actions.

- If you have decided to take up the offer with F1Internet you may be due a part refund for any payments taken by them. Rather than contacting your Credit Card company directly please contact us immediately on the following number :- 0871 433 3000 and we will issue an immediate refund back on your account if this is the case.

-From today we intend to suspend billing on your account such that no further payments will be taken by GioInternet until this situation is resolved.

For those users affected please send us an email with your username and customer account details such that we can process any refunds and confirm suspension of billing.

If you should need more detailed information on your account please contact our customer services department as outlined below :-

Customer Support : 0871 433 3000
Email Support : [email protected]

GioInternet would ask for your co-operation in this matter.

Gio Internet Press Release

Where people have moved over to F1 Internet, things are not totally smooth going, some are getting cold feet now. Part of the reason been the lack of contact information or terms and conditions for the F1 Internet service. Examples of the problems end-users are encountering can be seen here.

In another development in this saga, apparently Hi-Velocity are offering users free migration to their service, for those caught up in this battle of wills.

The concern with this whole situation, is that the broadband market, and in particular the ADSL reseller sector may descend into a farce of people been moved from provider to provider like has happened in the past with the gas and electricity markets.


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