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Gigaclear announces completion of its Appleton and Eaton fibre network

The fibre picture of the UK is improving, and Gigaclear has completed its roll-out in rural Oxfordshire in just three months. The firm has now built the planned network passing some 400 properties, and is seeing take-up of over 40% with more homes signing up each week.

The Gigaclear FTTH network offers a variety of price points, based around buying a guaranteed speed with all products bursting to a Gigabit, with the network running as a symmetric service which sets it apart from the ultra-fast services that big providers like Openreach and Virgin Media supply.

With more and more Gigabit fibre projects popping up across the UK, the talk of a digital divide between rural and urban areas is becoming ever more complex, as there are now options to have a rural lifestyle, but still be welded to the Internet if that is how you wish to live.

Gigaclear is not stopping with this roll-out, four more communities in Oxfordshire and work in Rutland are due in the next few months, and a massive 150 communities are apparently in the discussion phase.

One of these areas appears to be Watlington Community Broadband. Interestingly the village of Watlington appears to have a WBC ADSL2+ service, so those in the main part of the village should already have fairly reasonable speeds. Another unusual thing is that Anna Badcock represents Watlington on the South Oxfordshire District Council and has formed Watlington Community Broadband with county councillor Caroline Newton.


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