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BTopenworld Refuses To Talk

BTopenworld refused to appear on Watchdog this evening. The statement on the Watchdog site says "Tonight BT Openworld Internet have refused to come into the studio but they say they have now lifted the traffic controls on their broadband network relating to peer to peer applications. ". This is correct and appearred to happen earlier today.

But in a statement from BTopenworld says "Naturally, we do need to retain the right to manage bandwidth, from time to time, in order to maintain the integrity of the network. If BTopenworld is in a position where it needs to take such action it will provide customers with notice." so there we have it - the throttling whilst off at the time of Watchdog may come back - but this time they say that we will be given notice, lets hope the notice is nice and large.

The Watchdog program concentrated mainly on the BTAnytime service and perhaps was a little confused in it's editing and statements, e.g. they appear to suggest the broadband support line is 50p/minute, AnyTime is, but ADSL is local rate. Perhaps the one area missed from the program was the quality of the network prior to the throttling and even when the throttling was in place, i.e. not very good.

It was reassurring to see that the BBC was also unable to get a proper response from BTopenworld, as other online sites including ours have found getting proper statements from BTopenworld to be very difficult in the last week or so. BBC Watchdog received a total of 579 complaints for BTopenworld during October compared to 379 for September and 55 for August, given that it's only October 11th this speaks volumes.


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