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Orange to launch broadband TV service later in 2007

The Orange Livebox is already used for IPTV services in France and it looks like Orange in the UK will be launching a television service over your broadband connection during 2007 according to

The service is expected to use a set-top box with hard-disk allowing people to record shows or download material to watch at a later date, or transfer onto other viewing devices, e.g. PC or mobile. To get around the problems of peak time viewing for some shows the device will probably combine broadcast channels (which we assume to mean Freeview content) and broadband video on demand (VoD) programming.


How the hell are orange supposed to supply IPTV when they can't even get my download speed (currently 249kbps) faster than my upload speed (374kbps). My so called unlimited 8Mb connection is just a joke and so is their customer service.

  • rehabwales
  • over 14 years ago

Luxury. I've had speeds lower than dialup at times.

  • possum
  • over 14 years ago

Orange offered me 'free braodband' with my Orange mobile account. Theysaid it went live on 12/1/2007 but now admit there is no ADSL signal on my line.
15 phone calls and 6 weeks later nothing has changed! They will not call me, they have not fixed it and they now want me to keep reporting this on their 50P/min line.
I would never touch them again and they will lose my Orange mobile custom!

  • Adviser
  • over 14 years ago

If you have an orange mobile account then why are you using the 50p/min line?
Dial 550 or 150 from your orange mobile and its free.
I am having the same problem as you folks with my speed for the last 6 weeks ever since they installed orange equipment in my local exchange. I sometimes get speeds around 25kbp/s which is less than dialup and I am on 8Meg connection. I have been calling them for the last 4 weeks but getting nothing done. I have been told there is a line problem in my area because others have also called them and they are looking into it. Same old story for the last 4 weeks.

  • ahelast
  • over 14 years ago

orange must be the worst of them all 2 years with wanadoo no problem oronge take over Oct 06 trouble from day one and still have in february 07 speed is no problem as i dont get connect now been off since 20th Jan 07 apart from the odd half day or a few hours before its of again phone costs now 27£ most of that spent in que and the rest trying to understand what the indian gentleman is saying who has little or no understanding of english then the same old story the line in my area it will be repaired in 5 working days next 48 hrs and so on and on it goes

  • bigaly
  • over 14 years ago

my speed is very low i complained im paying 17-99per month for capped 2GB per month new customers 14-99 capped 2gb month but i would have to sign for another 12 months

  • diger60
  • over 14 years ago

It took me 4months to get Broadband running again. Orange put me on LLU and October 3rd 2006 suffered continual outages. Phoned Orange (Bombay) twice a day and got same old lies and run arounds. Phoned Head office I got taken off LLU now back on IP streaming but speed is 512 kbps. At least it works now, but 4 months of lies ...The futures not Orange!!! They should get their act together before even thinking of embarking on another project.
Come back Wanadoo!!!!

  • leightonjenkins
  • over 14 years ago

Dont't touch it. After reading all the comments above I have to agree, my speed should be 4Megs lucky to get 2Megs, lowest speed 27Kbps, what a joke. Still under contract until October wish I'd never upgraded to 4megs much better service when on 2Megs. Have been on same service with Freeserve to Wanadoo now to Orange, never a minutes trouble until Orange came along. Can't wait until October to leave.

  • mmraja
  • over 13 years ago

Orange wanting people to watch streaming video!!!!!!!!
This must be some sort of joke. I already watch allot of high quality streaming video with my Orange "UNLIMITED" package. Now they have given me just 3 days notice that they are terminating my service on this Friday (4th May) for consistently going over their 40GB/month limit (remember this is an "UNLIMITED" package I'm on)even though most of this was outside peak hours.
What are they gonna do, encourage their customers to stream their videos, then kick them off for watching too much?????

  • Tc43
  • over 13 years ago

Orange!!!! the worst broadband providers. They are only good at fiddling with a good/working system and boom....good at disconnecting. They have no strategy at how quickly they could trouble shoot problems. I have been disconneceted since Feb 12 and still no sign of connection. The catalogue of excuse they give you....not even worth mentioning. Any they have the nerve to launch TV!!! you must be joking. Why don't you learn from TalkTalk when you try to run before you can even walk properly.

  • Abeltawalom
  • over 13 years ago

When I say learn from TalkTalk ----meaning learn how things could go bad from others and try not to make the same mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abeltawalom
  • over 13 years ago

I totally agree with all the negative comments re Orange Customer Service and connection speeds,I found some of their customer service staff nothing less than down right rude, connnection speeds are unreliable, I am supposed to have an 8Mb connection which for several months I was receiving (averaging 7.5 mb)then without warning it dropped to 5Mb then a week later to 2Mb, dozens of calls then ensued to Orange with an unbelieveable array of excuses from Orange the most intersting being that BT were to blame..
As with many other members I will be leaving Orange as soon as I can, Orange Rubbish!

  • trakkie
  • over 13 years ago

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