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Openreach agrees contract with Fujikura for fibre ribbon and fusion splicers

A new contract to supply air blown wrapping tube cable TM, fusion splicers and other associated FTTP hardware is in itself not that exciting, but the contract between Openreach and Fujikura spikes a bit more interest due to the innovative spider web fibre cable and the fusion splicers will be able to splice 12 fibres at the same time.

SpiderWeb Ribbon is a truly innovative technology that has already been proven to deliver important efficiencies and savings for our customers around the world. We are very happy that Openreach has decided to take advantage of this technology. Our new AB-WTC cables and our 70R+ splicer are leading edge products that will help Openreach significantly reduce the cost per home of building its FTTP network.

Toshitane Nakatsuji, Managing Director Fujikura Europe Limited

For those that did not see our earlier news item about the trial of the AB-WTC cables the Fujikura website has details of the cable.

A key advantage to these cables is that they are lighter per kilometer and using significantly less space, e.g. a 1728 fibre cable has a 22 mm diameter using these spider web ribbon cables compared to the 35mm diameter of competitors ribbon loose cable fibres. This may sound like a minimal improvement but when working in areas where duct space is at a premium preserving free space becomes important and in some cases partial blockages may not be an issue thus avoiding roadworks.

Openreach has over the last couple of years pushed various new products into its inventory for deploying FTTP en-masse and while individually the change may at times seem small the flexibility brought about does add up. Fibre cables with large numbers of fibre will be used most in the central part of the network, i.e. Openreach is not about to start installing 12 fibres into each property and the connectorised cables are not vanishing which have made the final connection a lot easier to do.


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