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5G 60 GHz wireless mesh brings Gigabit to village

Using Metnet 60 GHz kit a Welsh village has entered the modern Internet age and is also one of the first to places to see 5G in a pilot trial, the service is called a Gigabit service but the CCS radio hardware is a 12 Gbps multipoint system that works with a software defined mesh architecture.The service is being provided Broadway Partners' who are more well known for their TV White Space wireless connectivity.

Monmouthshire is renowned for its natural beauty and its appeal as a place to live and play. With the success of this 5G pilot trial, it will become an attractive location for modern businesses to locate, given the quality of its digital infrastructure and the council’s commitment to embracing innovation.

County Councilor Sara Jones, Monmouthshire’s cabinet member for community development
Metnet CPE
Metnet 60 GHz hardware for a single property
60 GHz radio kit
Long range hardware for point to point links

This hardware has normally being deployed in urban environments to date, so this pilot is a bit different to the usual deployment, two sets of hardware are deployed, the smaller black unit where the radio has a 300 degree arc and forms part of a self healing mesh (i.e. if one node vanishes it will automatically feed or take a signal from others it can see) and less frequently the larger grey kit which is the longer range kit (i.e. signal is focused into a tighter beam therefore longer range).


Wireless is ideal for rural areas - Openreach ignore it

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