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Ratings people gave for their broadband service in October 2018 revealed

All the ratings that people have provided during a speed test or by rating the broadband connections in their profile have been added up and the results for October 2018 are now ready to be shared.

Three saw enough ratings to make the table again which of course pushed some providers down the table and with Three making a play for 5G as a potential replacement for fixed line broadband it will be interesting to see how they feature over the next year or two.

As for why Virgin Media is at the bottom of the table it is very likely that annoyance at price rises is growing, particularly as some other providers have embraced the no price rises during the minimum term policy. There is a potential time bomb from the moves to fixed price contracts and that is if this encourages more people to sign up for another 12, 18 or 24 months at the end of their minimum term to ensure price stability the new entrants to the broadband market will find it increasingly hard to get the public to switch.

Based on Customer Service
(change since previous month)
Customer ServiceReliabilityOverall Satisfaction
AAISP 1 (=) 98% 97.1% 97.4%
IDNet 2 (=) 95% 92.2% 91.4%
Zen Internet 3 (=) 91.1% 90.4% 88.8%
Hyperoptic 4 (=) 88.5% 85% 86.5%
Plusnet 5 (=) 75.1% 77.8% 76.9%
EE Mobile 3G/4G 6 (=) 74.1% 68.5% 69%
Daisy Wholesale 7 (=) 73.1% 72.2% 73.1%
Sky 8 (+1) 71.8% 71.1% 68.9%
EE Fixed Line 9 (-1) 71.1% 66.4% 65.2%
Three 10 70.2% 65.1% 67.1%
Vodafone Home Broadband 11 (-1) 64.9% 63% 63.7%
BT 12 (-1) 62% 69.9% 67.8%
TalkTalk 13 (=) 61.6% 68.6% 66.9%
Virgin Media 14 (-2) 60.6% 66.8% 66.6%

The percentage score is arrived at by taking the numerous 1 to 5 star ratings that people and combining them arrive at an average where if every votes 5 stars the score will be 100% and 3 stars equates to 60%.

The ratings and speed test results for the broadband providers provide valuable information and another source of information is the growing number of reviews people have left for their broadband providers, which can be accessed via each providers main page.

While the old moral of you get what you pay for in the broadband world is not always true, the rush towards lower pricing points in a move encourage people to upgrade to the latest and greatest speeds, when combined with the extra investment needed to support the faster speed services often seems to lead to cutbacks in the customer service sector. Cutting back customer service is often not noticed by people until they have a reason to contact their broadband provider.


I think it would be a better measure of customer service if you had that question on a completely separate survey or at least had the qualifier 'only rate if you have had cause to contact'. Alternatively, you could first ask if customer 'has had cause to contact' and only if answer is 'Yes' give them chance to rate customer service.

I find it difficult to digest that AAISP has >97% Overall Satifaction and a customer service rating of 98%. Why would they have had any need to contact CS? Or are they just giving it a 4/5 star rating because the option is there? Sample size of CS rating please.

  • nervous
  • 6 months ago

@nervous I very much agree with your comment and suggestion. I have had no need to contact customer services for any sort of support since I lost my phone, but not broadband, when with Bulldog over 12 years ago.

  • MCM999
  • 6 months ago

customer service can mean different things to different people,one person may find a sympathetic ear on the other end good service others may only be bothered about getting an issue resolved and want to hear a totally professional approach to issues,I think you will find with the better companies,not just ISPs,you find both.
I am no an AAISP customer but called them the other day regarding some info on a router they supply to their customers,info I couldn't find on the web,they couldn't have been more helpful,even though I explained that I wouldn't be moving to them,that is service!

  • steve27
  • 6 months ago

You don't always call customer service if there is a problem with the ISP directly. I'm an AAISP customer. I called them when there was a problem with the line dropping (faulty cable). They hassled on my behalf until it was fixed. I once called them at 1720 on a Friday to get a bigger block of IP addresses. I got them same day. I was once out of house all day when the line was severed by BT. They opened the fault with BT, who closed it, claiming it was my fault due to a misconfiguration of my router. They opened the fault again and kept plugging away. Eventually BT admitted it was their fault.

  • rde42
  • 6 months ago

During office hours (and sometimes outside) the AAISP staff are usually available in IRC, their techincal people are actually techincal andthink for themselves rather than reading from some checklist which means your not going to be asked to do a Wi-fi Speed test for a sync fault. (i've had that with another ISP before!)

They're one of the most transperrent ISP's I've dealt with, if they have a problem they'll actually tell you that it's them, it saves time trying to figure out why something isn't working right.

Only downsides are they can be a bit expensive and there's the usage limits.

  • dragon2611
  • 6 months ago

As an AAISP custie I agree with all that has been said so far. Yes they are very helpful when you have reason to contact them; yes they are extremely reliable (in 5.5 years the only faults I've had were entirely down to BT and I've never needed to contact AAISP to get a fix); yes they are transparent and proactive (just read through their status archive to see both); and yes I give them a five stars for CS because the option is there (and I've always wondered whether I should because I so rarely need to contact their CS). So yes, the Think Broadband questionnaire could do with a tweak =)

  • thoth
  • 6 months ago

Another statistic that would be useful is 'Size of user base'. Since the larger
the No. of customers, the more work there is, so more resaon for unhappiness!!

  • daymangee
  • 6 months ago

@daymangee = " larger the No. of customers, the more work there is, so more resaon (sic) for unhappiness" OR, possibly the converse?

  • J_Kafka
  • 6 months ago

Idnet FTW !!

  • itsonlyyou
  • 6 months ago

As a Plusnet user I cannot believe a 75% satisfaction rate for Customer service when it is almost impossible to contact them. You only have to look at their own stats (on their website) which show an average waiting time of over 20 minutes. When you do get through there is absolutely no apology. It would be interesting to see the actual question used in this 'survey' in relation to Customer Service.

  • daviem
  • 6 months ago

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