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How the public rated their broadband providers in August 2018

Every month we publish lots of data on the speeds that people are getting from their broadband connections but with the variables such as price and customer service the speed alone is just part of the story, hence why we allow our registered users and people running a speed test to rate their broadband provider. The ratings once aggregated up give an insight into how people feel about their broadband provider.

The monthly pattern of the smaller pro-sumer providers at the top of the table continues, but Hyperoptic sneaked in with just enough ratings this month to appear as a new entry.

A change this month is that we are tracking the relative position from month to month, the aim being to make it easy for people to spot if there a provider has slipped down the table a long way, other than 2 new entries the only change was that Sky and Vodafone Home Broadband swapped position.

We have a tool that allows you to compare six months of the ratings for the most popular providers and for those providers where the sample size is too low for a monthly figure on the main ISP page we aggregate the voting over a number of months to give a 1 to 5 star rating e.g. KCom scores 3.5 stars

Based on Customer Service
(change since previous month)
Customer ServiceReliabilityOverall Satisfaction
AAISP 1 (=) 99.1% 97.6% 98.8%
IDNet 2 (=) 94.2% 90.9% 91.3%
Zen Internet 3 (=) 91.5% 89.8% 88.8%
Hyperoptic 4 (new entry) 89.2% 86.9% 89.5%
Daisy Wholesale 5 (-1) 76.2% 78.6% 77.2%
Plusnet 6 (-1) 75.7% 76.8% 75.5%
EE Mobile 3G/4G 7 (-1) 72.2% 72.0% 71.6%
Three 3G/4G 8 (new entry) 69% 63.5% 65.2%
EE (fixed line) 9 (-2) 68.8% 62.6% 63.9%
Vodafone Home Broadband 10 (-1) 68.1% 68.4% 69.3%
Sky 11 (-3) 67.4% 68.2% 66.4%
Virgin Media 12 (-2) 65.4% 66.2% 59.6%
BT 13 (-2) 60.6% 68.3% 65.7%
TalkTalk 14 (-2) 57.4% 64.6% 62.7%

The percentage score is arrived at by taking the numerous 1 to 5 star ratings that people and combining them arrive at an average where if every votes 5 stars the score will be 100% and 3 stars equates to 60%.

The ratings and speed test results for the broadband providers provide valuable information and another source of information is all the reviews people have left for their broadband providers, which can be accessed via each providers main page.


Taltalk at the bottom, exactly where they should be!! They are absolutely useless. Their customer service is shocking. They couldn't organise
a booze up in a brewery, and they take not the slightest notice of what you say!!
I have just left them, because between them and Openreach they could only manage
10 Mbs on a 40 Mbs line, absolutely dire.Had to go to the very top to get out of my contract without payment!!
Gone to Virgin, as that is the only alternative, to get away from Openreach's
useless telephone wiring!! How are you going to get anything near 40Mbs on cable
made for

  • daymangee
  • 10 months ago

I get about 47Mb/s from BT FTTC in a 50 year old house. But their customer service arrangements are another matter! Visits by enough engineers, given enough time, got me a decent speed.

  • bsg017
  • 10 months ago

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