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TalkTalk has sale running until 1st June 2017

TalkTalk has started its latest sale that runs until 1st June 2017 and while not much has changed for the ADSL2+ based services, the free fibre setup that was previously in place for the fibre (FTTC/VDSL2) services has been joined by reduced monthly prices.

  • TalkTalk Faster Fibre (up to 38 Mbps downloads, up to 1.9 Mbps uploads) is £25/m on a 24 month contract with free fibre set-up
  • TalkTalk Fibre Large (up to 76 Mbps, up to 19 Mbps uploads) is £30/m on a 24 month contract also with free fibre set-up
  • The basic TV package is the same price as the Faster Fibre at £25/m for 24 months and £25 for the TV settop box.
  • TV Plus which includes some Sky channels and a full PVR with Faster Fibre is £30/m for 30 months and £25 for the TV setup box.

As is normal now the line rental cost is rolled into the broadband costs and no landline free calls are included, but the fibre products do come with a mobile SIM that gives you unlimited texts, 200 minutes of calls and 500MB of data each month.

The 24 month contract is a fixed price contract, so will mean you are protected from price rises, but our assumption as is normally the case with fixed price contracts is that you won't automatically benefit from future price cuts, though as long as people agree to a contract extension and you have been with TalkTalk for at least a month we believe new price deals are available to existing customers. So if prices are slashed in 12 months time with a contract extension you may well be able to switch to a lower price offer with TalkTalk.


And it can carry on running, no way will a Talk Talk service come in this house while I am here.

  • zyborg47
  • 10 days ago

^^^ That's a bit rich coming from someone who's with Plusnet. What are their phone support waiting times these days? 45 mins? Or 1 hr 45 mins? Fact is both TT & Plusnet are bargain basement ISPs who cater for the masses.

  • baby_frogmella
  • 9 days ago

plusnet may not be perfect and I do not pretend they are, but they do not try and get people onto their network by changing people over without their permission, something I have seen Talk talk do, their customer service is still far better than Talk Talk. They also do not have sales people in the middle of town chasing after people. When i did have a problem it was fixed pretty quickly. Sure PN was not my first choice and they belong to BT which I also hate, I choose them as a short term thing, bnut they have been good to me.
I am looking at other networks, but just have not had the time.

  • zyborg47
  • 9 days ago

I've been a broadband user since the days of 512Kbps services, & TalkTalk is the worst provider I've come across.When I moved to where I live now, I went with Tesco (C&W-Vodafone) on price. When they decided to sell off their customers to TT there was no way I was going to put up with them again. I chose Plusnet on price, but their performance & support has been excellent when I've needed it which has only been once in 3 years.Started with ADSL2 then moved to Fibre (Infinity 1). The original move from Tesco gave me 19Mbps vs Tesco at 15Mbps.Fibre is 36-37Mbps. My conxn has been up since Feb.

  • brush-head
  • 9 days ago

Not available anyway (for my location).

  • Michael_Chare
  • 9 days ago

If only they werent beholden to openreach stupid & slow Fibre rollout policy i'd order in a second

  • DanSpurr
  • 9 days ago

I called TTB yesterday at around 3PM and got through within 12 seconds. I also used over 1000 mobile calls this month from my landline.

Well worth the money.

  • ZenUser27
  • 7 days ago

TalkTalk makes BT look like geniuses. That's hard.

After many years with TalkTalk, under different owners and guises, the company decided that it didn't want supply "rural" customers. Dumped us on an outfit called Fleur. (No, I'd never heard of them either.) That provided even worse service. Oh happy day. A chance to walk away from TalkTalk. I've never looked back.

The only good news from TalkTalk in recent years is that it sacked Baroness Dido Harding, about the same time as her big chum David Cameron did a runner. Now perhaps she can leave it to the grownups to run an IT company.

  • michaelkenward
  • 7 days ago

@ZenUser27, who is not a zen user now then, anyway, what problem did you have that you had to call talk Talk? Very few people use their landline now, so the mobile minutes are useless for most people and Talk Talk knows it.
the problem is even if Talk Talk really have improved, a lot of people would not trust them now, hacked and awful customer service as well as service in general in the past have gave them a bad name. Also they are still linked with awful carphone waste of space warehouse

  • zyborg47
  • 7 days ago

My main issue with TT concerned the estimated speed of my FTTC connection, it would appear that they used a figure supplied by BT, aside from that they have been fine. I get unlimited UK calls at £5 month which is much better than having to stand in the kitchen with mobile leant up against window behind the sink with fingers crossed that I get a signal!

  • burble
  • 7 days ago

As always, people who have had bad experiences are the ones we tend to hear from (not unreasonably). I've been with TalkTalk almost since the start of their LLU service, currently on their standard fibre product and it's just fine. Cheap, fast, reliable. I've used customer service now & then and it's been fine - a short wait but nothing outlandish. I'm one of the "very few" who use landline for preference, for its much better quality & reliability, and it's been just fine. I'm a happy TalkTalk customer!

  • leshewitt
  • 6 days ago

@Zyborg, I am not but I don't want to change the handle.

I called them as I couldn't get into my portal, but it was their end and fixed within a few minutes - this was the business side mind.

  • ZenUser27
  • 5 days ago

Thanks for the heads up! Just recontracted online and saved another couple of quid.

  • solcuerda
  • 4 days ago

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