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More FTTH for rural Herefordshire

The number of postcodes covered is not massive, but the effect for those who previously only had access to slow ADSL will be massive. Hereford CIC is now on our broadband coverage checker and maps and we have already seen users testing their connections on the entry level 30 Mbps service (ISP is now automatically detected).

ISPreview led with the news of the roll-out of FTTH to Dewsall Court and Callow, beating us because it took a little time to figure out the postcodes and IP blocks and add all this to our systems.

There are several packages available, an up to 30 Mbps download (up to 5 Mbps upload) service for £35/month, an up to 50 Mbps download service for £50/month and a 100 Mbps service with symmetrical speeds for £80/month. Of course those prices may seem high, but remember there is no requirement to take a voice line rental product.


£35 a month for up to 30Mb/s, so they do not have to pay line retnal, so it proves that if we pay line rental or not we will still pay over inflated prices and get ripped of in this country.
i can understand how Bt can make vast profits.
Because we have little choice, another monopoly and we the public pays for it.

  • zyborg47
  • over 2 years ago

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