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Problems over at Plusnet - now fixed

If you are a PlusNet user reading this, then thinkbroadband is one of the magical sites that users of the Sheffield based provider are able to access.

During the night of Wednesday 9th to the morning of Thursday 10th lots of PlusNet users have found themselves unable to visit a wide selection of websites and the usual changing of DNS servers has not helped, suggesting something problematic than a DNS server falling over.

"We are in the process of investigating this now. I will provide on this thread, and our Twitter pages as soon as I receive more information.

Our systems where we provide the service status are also unfortunately down, but I will endeavour to get one up as soon as I have the facility to.

Really sorry for the inconvenience caused."

Announcement on Outage

The service status page being down reflects a number of over problems that have seen parts of the PlusNet web presence become unavailable for periods of time. We there are users still connected and speed testing, browsing the PlusNet Broadband Quality Monitors that we can see there is nothing obviously consistent to pin down a point in time when something went wrong.

Update midday We have received the following PlusNet statement on the problems.

"Since early this morning we’ve experienced an outage which affected our phone and broadband service as well as our website. We’ve worked throughout the night to resolve this and have made a lot of progress with most of our customers now up and running. However we still have a few issues which we’re working to solve as soon as possible. We would like to sincerely apologise to our customers for the inconvenience caused"

Another update 3pm in theory everything is back and working, we would add if you are not able to connect as some have found turning off your broadband hardware for a count of 10 and turning it back on i.e. manual reconnect may help.

"All our services are now fully restored, including the Plusnet website. Thank you for your patience, we’re really sorry this has happened and would like to apologise for the disruption you’ve experienced."


My migration away was well timed it seems!

  • Dixinormous
  • over 3 years ago

Hit me this am, but switchibg to Google DNS server has sorted it.

  • mikejp
  • over 3 years ago

Apart from spelling................

  • mikejp
  • over 3 years ago

For me, things were certainly working just before 1am, and certainly failing at 01:10.

My BQM kept working throughout, suggesting the issue was really about DNS ... so times probably varied across users as their individual DNS caches timed out.

But it isn't all about DNS. Swapping to Google's DNS has helped, but not fixed everything.

Certainly there is no simple explanation.

  • WWWombat
  • over 3 years ago

must be something to do with there management systems that cause slowdowns and similar but smaller issues on a daily basis for select users...

With any look ill be out of the DEADZONE in the next week when I migrate to another provider.

  • generallee94
  • over 3 years ago

I don't use the plusnet DNS servers so still able to access websites, but plusnet itself apart from the forums is still not accessible and nothing from Plusnet as to what the problems are.

  • Terranova
  • over 3 years ago

Changing DNS entry didn't resolve the issue and it still seemed to be an issue with a PlusNet DNS system.

My initial thought was that perhaps something related to their inspection or monitoring (of what we are browsing to etc) that was at fault given that DNS lookups were working correctly when DNS server entry was changed and used. It seemed even when we were using alternative DNS servers there was still a lookup performed by PlusNet DNS, the question is why?

Using an encrypted tunnel resolved all the issues immediately (again using Google DNS). Take from that what you will...

  • MarcusJClifford
  • over 3 years ago

I too would suspect this is something to do with Plusnet's internal DNS lookups. Possibly some sort of reverse DNS lookup used by the systems used to prevent access to sites hosting illegal content or content subject to court orders.

In all, it sounds like a real mess.

  • TheEulerID
  • over 3 years ago

Er, is this the same Plusnet that boasts about customer service awards? Far too many problems, far too few clued-up online reps compared with a couple of years ago.

  • mike41
  • over 3 years ago

I'm now 2 Mbs less download speed (which was the increase I got when Gimp started).
So not happy with Plusnet failure in this article.

  • David-Park
  • over 3 years ago

I'm a PlusNet user & had no issues bar couldn't access their web site over the period, however a long time ago I manually set my DNS away from PlusNet's, perhaps that should be standard practice for the service.

  • Sam234
  • over 3 years ago

Perhaps its the grammar and spelling in this article and its relies that's causing people to enter badly formed URLs. Plusnet need to supply customers with a URL spelling checker.

  • SNR12
  • over 3 years ago

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