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One million end users on BT's Wholesale Broadband Connect service

BT have now reached one million broadband users on their wholesale broadband connect service (WBC). WBC is the wholesale product which provides access to broadband over BT's 21C network sold by BT Wholesale and can offer speeds of up to 24Mbit/s. Providers are gradually shifting their broadband base over to this platform as it is more cost effective than the 20C network, and provides the ability to offer faster products such as the up to 24Mbit/s and also the newer fibre to the cabinet based services that are currently being deployed. Accordingly, the number of WBC connected end users is expected to continue to rise.

"This is a fantastic milestone which has been achieved due to unprecedented demand for the product through the first quarter of this year."

We are delighted that WBC is ensuring our wholesale customers are at the heart of the broadband revolution occurring in the UK today. Our investment is helping communications providers meet their customers growing demand for high-speed access to a range of online services - including television, gaming and multiple VoIP services.

But we are not stopping here - we are extending our coverage and delivering even greater availability as a priority so that we have enabled exchanges serving 20 million UK homes and business by spring 2011; whilst at the same time continuing to roll-out WBC fibre services to over four million UK homes and business."

Sian Baldwin, (Director of Broadband and Content Services) BT Wholesale


IS this the same service BT messed up orders from Andrews Arnold? The same service where a silly bot sets line profile speeds? I suddenly feel sorry for a million people in this country.
Atleast the quote was funny...
Quote"We are delighted that WBC is ensuring our wholesale customers are at the heart of the broadband revolution occurring in the UK today."
Thata be the UPTO 24Mb revolution several were providing years before you.

  • over 10 years ago

translates to, we kept 20CN prices high so it was too expensive to not move customers over.

  • chrysalis
  • over 10 years ago

A year ago I would have been excited, now I'm on Virgin due to getting fed up with waiting for BT to pull their finger our. I really do feel sorry for the poor folks who are on slow broadband, or don't even have any. An ex-customer of mine was in the same boat, had a place on an industrial estate in a big city and they could only get 1 Meg!

  • EnglishRob
  • over 10 years ago

I have been with Orange for 3 years and average between 4.5 - 6.00Mbps. It is good enough for anything. What is in the future where we are going to need these speeds?

  • Banderanti
  • over 10 years ago

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