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Easynet launches new service for SMEs

Easynet has launched a new service branded Easynet Connect designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses. Its goal will be to provide the high quality Internet connectivity services on the  Easynet LLU backbone backed up by 24x7 telephone support based in the UK. Internet access is becoming more vital to all sizes of organisations so it is becoming as important as other utilities such as telephone lines and electricity.

"Smaller businesses may have less complex IT requirements than larger corporations, but fast reliable internet connectivity and access to the right level of support is absolutely critical for them. At Easynet Connect we have the experience, network reach and capabilities in place, so rather than waste valuable time sorting out IT issues and problems they can concentrate on running their business."

Chris Stening (Managing Director), Easynet Connect

One of the key services offered by Easynet Connect will be its EtherStream service which takes full advantage of the Easynet/Sky local loop unbundled network which covers 70% of UK SMEs. The service, which is provided over a copper connection and can deliver up to 20Mbps in some cases is a real alternative to traditional leased lines. The company will continue to supply leased lines and other hosting services to SMEs under the Easynet Connect banner.


Any word on prices?

  • over 13 years ago

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