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Goodbye HomeChoice

It seems rather than keep HomeChoice as the name for a TV/broadband package, Tiscali is to drop the name altogether according to The Guardian.

Tiscali is planning to use the expertise inside HomeChoice to provide a TV over broadband service across the European group, and expand the operation outside of its London/Stevenage enclave. The aim is to offer a triple play service of TV/broadband and telephone services, which puts it into direct competition with the likes of ntl:Telewest, Sky and some of the other forthcoming IPTV services, e.g. BT Vision and Orange. One advantage Tiscali will have is that the HomeChoice box is up and running now, whereas a number of its competitors are coming to the market with untried hardware.

Talk Talk with its much vaunted broadband telephony bundle at this time appears to have no technical answer to the triple play services, and may suffer from being the horse that upset the cart and woke the general public up to the wider possibilities of broadband. We are interested in hearing from our readers who have the Talk Talk LLU based service, feel free to email me [email protected] with your comments on the service, or share them publically in our Talk Talk section here.


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