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Namesco start registering interest in its tvMax service

Namesco who announced their tvMax service back at the start of March 2006, is now taking pre-registrations for the service that should launch on 28th April 2006.

The pre-registration scheme has apparently been set-up to ensure the provider can cope with demand for the hardware at launch time, certainly if it can get an accurate idea of how many people will be ordering the service, it will make life easier in getting together the hardware bundles to support the service. The tvMax service is an up to 8Mbps ADSL service, which by the end of April 2006 should be available on over 5000 exchanges, and comes bundled with a ZyXel modem/router and the Netgem iPlayer unit.

While at the time of launch the Catch-up TV service will not be available, the hardware is all ready for it, and in the meantime the hardware will offer a DVR (digital video recorder) capability storing up to 30 hours of FreeView TV, the ability to stream photos, movies and MP3's via the iPlayer, listen to over 30,000 podcast channels and access email, weather forecasts and a lot more.


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