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TPON (fibre-optic) connected BT customers offered ray of hope

BT Wholesale has released more information on the fate of customers who want Broadband, but are limited by their phone service currently being delivered over a TPON (fibre-optic) network.

BT has altered the planning rules for the PON networks that are in place around the country. Any existing copper pairs that are in place are to be reserved for users requesting an ADSL service, and that when someone orders a PSTN/ISDN/Home Highway service it should be provisioned over the optical network. In instances where your phone service is already on the optical system, then BT should attempt to migrate you to a copper pair when you order ADSL. One note of caution for people migrating, your phone number may have to change as part of the process.

Normally the number of copper pairs in TPON areas is limited, but BT has identified those TPON areas, that should be in reach of ADSL over standard copper pairs and are working to install new copper capacity. This work means the first few sites should be availble from June 2003. In an attempt to clarify what has always being a muddy area, service providers will be provided with a spreadsheet detailing the work in progress, and hopefully then ISPs can give people a timetable for when they might get ADSL.

BT is hoping that these changes will allow the majority of customers in TPON areas to get ADSL, but there will instances where it just isnt possible.

To assist in providing feedback to people, the online line checkers will receive an update, for people on TPON the result will change from red to amber. Additionally the text will change to mention that a survey will be required, and that an order should be placed with your service provider of choice.

So good news for once, somewhat late perhaps, but it is just possible that BT is noticing feedback from customers. Unfortunately the response time is a bit slow for many, but then BT is perceived as a big slow beast. Given BT's past performance this is a label that will take a lot of work to get rid of.


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