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Speed upgrades and downgrades at Plusnet (and price increases).
Tuesday 28 June 2016 10:30:20 by John Hunt

Plusnet yesterday announced that they are following in the footsteps of parent company BT in upgrading some customers on Unlimited Fibre broadband services to the new 55/10 GEA-FTTC product offering users download speeds of approximately 52meg and upload of 9meg. This affects those on the 38meg download/19meg upload fibre broadband product. This is good and bad as customers will have to trade a decrease in upload speed for an increase in the download speed. This may please some, but not others. This change will happen on the 1st August and if you are affected you should receive an e-mail from Plusnet.

Price increases have also been announced from 1st September. This includes rises in line rental by £1, but line rental saver (paying 12 months up front) is frozen at the current price. Broadband prices will also increase by £1 per month if you do not take a calls package. The Anytime and Evening & Weekend call plans are also set to increase in price whilst being removed from new sale in favour of new more expensive plans that include calls to mobiles.

We've set out below some of the key changes (more details on the Plusnet homepage). Note some of these changes will affect obsolete products that may no longer be available for new sale.

  Old Price New Price
Line Rental £16.99 £17.99
Line Rental Saver £15.49 £15.49
Plusnet Unlimited Broadband £12.49 £13.49
Value Broadband £7.99 £8.99
Essentials broadband and phone £5.99 £6.99
Value broadband and phone £6.49 £7.49
Evening and Weekend calls plan £3.00 £3.50
Anytime calls plan £6.00 £6.50
Evening and Weekend UK & Mobile calls plan - £4.00
Unlimited UK & Mobils calls plan - £8.00
Call setup fee 16p 19p
Engineer charge £50 £65

With the above, some may see their overall costs increase by £2 per month which could amount to nearly a 10% increase. If you are not tied into a minimum contract, it may be worth looking at switching provider to take advantage of new broadband offers to help reduce your outgoing costs.


Posted by ZenUser27 9 months ago
And yet they agreed a new contract for me to start on the 8th of July, I assume this contract will be price rised too? If so I will just cancel it
Posted by ZenUser27 9 months ago
I pay £14,99 for 30mbps FTTC and £16,99 for "line only" so no call packages. So all this is going up?

I might ring and cancel the new deal and just look around.
Posted by ZenUser27 9 months ago
Also no where does it state that you can leave early if you are in contract. I know BT let people go. I am not in contract (not been for years) but I won't be taking the new one now so they can shaft me with more rises.

Time to look around
Posted by zyborg47 9 months ago
May only be 50p a week extra, but it is extra on a line rental that I only use for broadband.

Not worth taking any packages, because I do not use my home phone.

I wonder what the cost will go up to for people who do not have Plusnet line rental. A mate of mine have line rental from another provider, maybe I should look at that.
Posted by chilting 9 months ago
Cutting the upload speed is a very big step backwards and must be considered a downgrade, especially as many customers on the 38:19 package are probably too far from their cabinet to benefit from the increased download speed.
Posted by jabuzzard 9 months ago
From the email that I received this morning

We hope you’re happy with your products and services but if you do decide to leave because of these changes, we won’t apply any early termination charges. All we ask is that you call us to tell us within 30 days of getting this email and give us 14 days’ notice.

Not remotely happy at my upload speed downgrade at all. I shall be looking around but I feel the notice given of the change is inadequate.
Posted by AndrueC 9 months ago
@zyborg47: "but it is extra on a line rental that I only use for broadband"

Broadband isn't any less wearing or demanding on copper than voice. In fact it's more demanding. A line rental increase in that context isn't particularly surprising.
Posted by zyborg47 9 months ago
@AndrueC, what a load rubbish, data is sent down these cables, cables that should have been replace years ago, sending data down them is not going to wear them out any more than voice.

Sure our network was never designed for digital use, but the data is only audio at the end of the day.

The line rental is a rip off, simple as that, they know people have to have phone lines for broadband. Maybe it is time to think about using the net less, maybe it is time to get rid of home phone and use mobile network instead.
Posted by TheEulerID 9 months ago

"but the data is only audio at the end of the day".

Oh no it isn't. It's radio frequencies propagates down a (rather leaky) twisted pair transmission line using advanced modulation. Audio it is not.

In any event all non-wireless BB requires a fixed line of some sort along with all the ducting, poles etc. That will cost pretty well the same, voice or no voice.
Posted by zyborg47 9 months ago
@TheEulerID, I suppose it is these days.
Years ago when BT put the price of line rental up they said we would have free calls included in it, which we did they started off the evening and weekends, now they have stopped that and we pay more than ever.
It needs to be stopped, we will be paying £20 a month if it carries on just for a bit of cable.
Posted by TheEulerID 9 months ago

The wholesale line price has been falling in real terms, so any increases are in the retail space where competition is meant to rule.

The reason why this is happening is that voice call revenues are collapsing (which used to be a major source of revenue) and the SPs are faced with ever increasing bandwidth consumption. All this means they are rebalancing their charges.

The new SOGEA ("naked" VDSL) wholesale product is on its way, but I doubt it will be much of a saving.
Posted by zyborg47 9 months ago
We will have to wait and see what happens, but I still think we are being ripped off.
Posted by AndrueC 9 months ago
Misled, yes. Ripped off - I'm not so sure. We've had a lot of investment in broadband over the last few years and significant speed increases as a result. As I noted elsewhere we still have some of the cheapest broadband in the world. Despite that availability is pretty good and usage has always been very high.

What bothers me most about the line rental increase is that it's hiding the true costs and propagating the myth that broadband is easy and cheap to provide.
Posted by sully666 9 months ago
Not seen a speed increase myself. In fact my speed has dropped since I joined Plusnet from BE 4 years ago.
Posted by scaramouche8 9 months ago
Plusnet are totally universally and without reservation useless. Customer service is not customer service . Have cancelled last 5 months of contract and moved to SSE . Ultrafast fibre 76/20 Free for 18 months . Line rental £16.00 . 24/7 Phone £5 permonth including 70 free minutes International calls USa Aust etc . Deal ends I am signed up and what a difference in service. Even the free Dual band router not bad at all and they dont even charge delivery for it .
Plusnet can drop dead !
Posted by pfvincent 9 months ago
With the rise in the use of the Cloud, why do Plusnet (and most other providers) think customers are only interested in download speed? Or is it a ploy to get customers to upgrade to a more expensive product with a higher download speed they don't need, in order to get a usable upload speed.
Posted by rwellbeloved 9 months ago
I entirely agree with pfvincent's comment about upload speed. I have enjoyed about 16 mbps upload speed for the past 20 months but this is now to be reduced by 50%. I have complained to PlusNet about this but all they can offer is an upgrade to 'Fibre Plus' for an extra £5 per month. I have been with PlusNet for more than 10 years but I think that the time has come to review other options and I'm sure that I am not alone...
Posted by ZenUser27 9 months ago
@ scaramouche8

Have a look at the 100+ pages on UKHD about SSE and the deal they offer. I managed to cancel just in time but many people get next to no speed 24/7

Daisy the backhaul provider throttle like mad AND they are over subscribed,.

You get what you pay for and with SSE it's nothing and not much!
Posted by jayteepics 9 months ago
@pfvincent mentioned 'rise in cloud usage' and I not e other Fibre broadband testers getting 9+Mbps UP. I'm with Plusnet and I get 36.7 Mbps Down IPprofile 38.67 and 1.85Mbps Up IPprofile 2Mbps.

Now using Onedrive and Icloud and wanting a better upload speed, where should I be looking please?
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