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Gigaclear wins Gloucestershire contract to provide ultrafast broadband
Wednesday 10 June 2015 10:29:13 by Andrew Ferguson

Gigaclear has secured £3m of funding from the Fastershire Superfast Extension Programme (BDUK phase two) which when added to the £7m of investment from Gigaclear itself will provide Gigabit FTTP to some 6,495 homes and businesses in the Cotswolds.

"The announcement that 6,495 homes in some of the harder to reach areas of The Cotswolds will receive a good broadband service sounds like wonderful news. During the election I campaigned on the theme that I would work to deliver a good broadband service for most people in The Cotswolds. This announcement looks like it will go a long way to fulfil that pledge."

Geoffrey Clifton Brown, MP for the Cotswolds

This means that while BT won all the main phase one BDUK contracts, they cannot win all the phase two ones, since Gigaclear has broken the run.

"What was refreshing about this tender was the identification of the specific addresses of the 6,495 properties that the contract sought to serve. This clarity gave us the confidence to offer our Gigabit fibre broadband service to every single property in the tender."

Matthew Hare, CEO of Gigaclear

The provision of FTTP with the option to buy a Gigabit connection should mean that those in the communities of Guiting Power, Chedworth, Whelford, Bibury and Icomb that will benefit should have a pretty future proof connection once the roll-out completes in 2017.


Posted by fabrettitd about 1 year ago
Wow.. what's it like being 2 days BEHIND ISPreview?

Must be awesome..
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
@fabrettitd It is called two days off and felt the announcement was important enough to cover still.
Posted by JacktheMac about 1 year ago
As someone living in this area who has been agitating for decent broadband for the last two years I am naturally delighted by this announcement. But I’m annoyed and frustrated that local MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown is riding on its coattails, as he has done absolutely nothing to help any local campaigns - apart from having his photo taken next to BT’s newly installed cabinets.
Posted by fastman about 1 year ago
be interesting to see what they actually cover and by when -- -wonder what some of th headlines will be when the village gets dup up and you have to pay £200 to get connected or DIY and you get no service provider choice

I also wonder how rural they will actually get
Posted by kajcherry about 1 year ago
My experience of Gigaclear in my village is that the digging was done with minimum disruption, the fibre connection point was placed was exactly where we wanted which was not the most convenient place for them. DIY connection very straightforward for anyone who can use a drill and a screwdriver. Currently no choice of ISP but no complaints and the relief of using VOIP, being free from BT and its noisy copper wires is wonderful.
(I'm not part of Gigaclear - just a happy customer!)
Posted by JacktheMac about 1 year ago
"I also wonder how rural they will actually get”

Have a look at p.10 of this document showing the areas in question (Lot 1) on Fastershire's website.

We’re not the Yorkshire moors, but many villages don’t have green box and are over three miles from their nearest exchange.

Gigaclear have promised to connect all 6495 premises: a list giving the postcodes and locations of every property can be found here:
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