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Providers already signed up to Broadband Speed Code of Practice
Thursday 05 June 2008 07:02:20 by Andrew Ferguson

The new Ofcom Broadband Speeds Code of Practice has been announced with 32 broadband providers as its initial signatories at launch, rising to 37 four hours after publication. It is expected that if support for the scheme increases, public pressure will encourage remaining providers to join.

List of Providers
AOL Broadband Be Broadband BT Total Broadband
Dark Group Ltd Eclipse Internet Exa Networks Firefly Internet Freedom2Surf
Gravity Internet Greenbee Broadband Karoo Madasafish Netplan Internet Solutions Ltd
Nildram O2 Business Broadband O2 Home Broadband
Orange Home Pipex Homecall Pipex Internet PlusNet Broadband Polestar Interactive Ltd
Pro-Net Internet Services Ltd Sky Solutios
Surf Anytime TalkTalk TalkTalk Business
Tiscali Toucan UK Online
Virgin Media Waitrose Broadband YSH
Zen Internet    

The list is also published on the Ofcom website. We have added details of which providers have subscribed to the code into our database, for those providers listed on our website which you access via the ISP Search menu item.

Update 11:30am Ofcom has released an updated list, adding a number of providers.

Update 9:30am Be Broadband has announced that it is signed up to the new code.

"Be Broadband has never hidden away from providing customers with the true broadband speed they would receive. Now, with the biggest ISPs signing up, broadband customers will see just how much faster Be Broadband’s service is compared to other ISP providers.

The estimated access line speed is a useful starting point but the real test will be an independent 'throughput' test which measures how each ISP performs in practice."

Be Broadband on the new Code of Practice


Posted by chasrow over 9 years ago
I think this is very informative and useful;it answers a lot of the questions asked by users and clarifies points which are often not fully understood.
Thank you for publishing this article.
Posted by benrmatthews over 9 years ago
It should be noted that Be Broadband have also signed up to the code, but an error was made by Ofcom on their list of ISPs who have signed up.

Disclosure: I work for the PR agency that represents Be Broadband.
Posted by uniquer over 9 years ago
This is excellent news and long overdue and Provided it is properly monitored by Ofcom It should go a longway to protecting Users.
Thanks Thinkbroadband again the best site for imformation on broadband.
Posted by keith_thfc over 9 years ago
Sorry but I can't see anything specific with this - just some wishy washy guidelines that I'm pretty sure the usual suspect ISP's will ignore/worm they way around.

If Ofcom continue to allow secret traffic shaping and fake unlimited services then the usual suspects will continue to make a mockery of any predicted speeds.
Posted by kingbaz over 9 years ago
And of course you are still going to see firms telling Victims,
That they are aware of the "ISSUE" and are working on a fix
So long as they say they are working on a repair
This can and does go on, for Months or even YEARS for Example the tiscali Empire Nildram Pipex Freedom 2 Surf all tiscali owned
The time has come to Punish these companys
Finacial Penalties are needed NOW?
Barry King
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
Oh boy just looking at a few on that list already spells hot air promises.
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