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1,600 new jobs to be created at Openreach

Openreach has been recruiting men and women onto its engineering teams for some time and today has announced a drive to recruit 1,600 more people as they try to improve customer service and continue with the roll-out of faster broadband services over the next few years.

"Millions of customers depend on broadband and they rely on us to keep them connected, whatever the weather. Our engineers do an incredible job. They have been rolling out fibre broadband faster than anywhere else in the world, and at the same time completing hundreds of thousands of jobs each week to keep people connected throughout the UK – an amazing achievement. “These new recruits will be a welcome boost to that effort, joining an already world class team. We want to attract the best in the country to a career in engineering. We are also keen to recruit women – as I’m keen to dispel the myth that being an engineer is an exclusively male vocation. In fact we have many successful women engineers and it is my personal belief that recruiting more will also help our customer service agenda. Being an Openreach engineer is a terrific job and a rewarding career, regardless of your background, or gender. "

Joe Garner, CEO, Openreach

Details of the sort things these new recruits can expect are on the Openreach website.

While it could be said that this expansion of the engineering team is a recognition of the problems in meeting various install and repair metrics it is also a measure of how much work is expected in the next few years as demand for superfast services increases and the gap-funded roll-outs push further and further into more rural areas of the UK.


Or perhaps they will simply reduce the amount of work they sub-contact by 1600 staff.

  • Plankton1066
  • over 6 years ago

I couldn't think why they might need 1,600 Engineers. When I looked at their website it is obvious that the staff they're recruiting are Technicians, not Engineers!

  • pfvincent
  • over 6 years ago

Under £20K as a basic! doesn't look there's been any rise in the base pay since the last time I worked for them nearly 30 years ago

  • ianblakeley
  • over 6 years ago

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