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Fluidata to bring more ISPs to Digital Region

Residents in the Digital Region of South Yorkshire will soon get a much larger choice of Internet Service Provider following news that Fluidata will be connecting their network to the Digital Region network. Fluidata operate a wholesale network that allows ISPs to gain cost effective access to multiple DSL wholesale providers and LLU networks through one connection. It allows companies to save money on multiple costly links to various operators and aggregate them through one link.

"If the government is serious about providing everyone in the UK with decent broadband, then we need to think differently. There are creative and effective ways to provide broadband choice across the country. Even providing broadband in rural areas doesn’t have to be one-horse race."

Piers Daniell, (MD) Fluidata

"The partnership between Fluidata and Digital Region means better broadband services and better choice for residents and businesses in South Yorkshire. The Digital Region network is transforming broadband provision in South Yorkshire."

David Cowell, (Chief Operating Officer) Digital Region

This news will hopefully drive take up of users on the network. Whether they can be attracted away from the larger providers of BT or TalkTalk who can generally offer cheaper services will have to be seen.


possible lifebelt for SYDR.

  • herdwick
  • over 8 years ago

I hope so, I built the service for it on SYDR.......

  • tikka69
  • over 8 years ago

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