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Madasafish reports 30% rise in number of sign-ups

A lot of press coverage has been given to poor performance by broadband providers, but very little exposure is given to the providers that appear to be bucking the trend of poor customer service.

Madasafish has issued a press release reporting a 30% increase in the number of people switching to their service since the Ofcom migration rules came into effect on February 14th 2007.

"It's becoming clear under the new rules that ISPs which consistently ignore satisfaction levels and provide poor customer service are now being punished as consumers vote with their mouse - so to speak - and switch to better performing providers. We applaud Ofcom's decision to enforce the MAC scheme as it gives broadband users the ability to change providers easily. ISPs with poor levels of customer satisfaction were typically not providing MAC codes, or even charging for them, because they had most to lose."

Matthew Henton, Head of Marketing at Madasafish

Madasafish's comments about customer service levels are bourne out by the ratings given by visitors to, which show a 2 point rise in customer service from February 2006 to February 2007. You can compare the ratings for various providers using our compare feature, which will allow you to see the scores for the last six months. Rating your service provider is easy. If you register on we will send you a reminder each month to rate your ISP as well as letting you record your speedtests.


Does this figure include those swithching to ?

  • reserved
  • over 13 years ago

So instead of getting 10 new subscribers per day they're getting about 13? Hardly an exodus plus most consumers won't have a clue anyway.

  • stephen_f2s
  • over 13 years ago

II saw the offers that Madasafish had and I foolishly migrated. I was migrated on the 5th Feb and since then haven't even had a stable 2mbps connection I have had anything between 0.68 and 3.91mbps. I am currently running around 1.34mbps. Their support is dire and kept refering me to their small print as the Max Broadband package is a "Best Efforts Package" I complained to the ISPA and guess what a BT Engineer is coming tomorrow, so maybe I will finally get a stable ADSL connection (My Exchange is capable of 5-8Mbps) Buyer Beware, read the small print on cancelling.

  • slart1bartfast
  • over 13 years ago

Madasafish aren't talking about nett new customers here. In fact they don't make any claim about increasing their nett numbers - presumably because they are losing as many/more customers as they are gaining.

Logically, many ISPs would see more gains AND more losses as a result of the new Ofcom regulations.

  • pr100
  • over 13 years ago

As a newbie to broadband and having chosen MAAF, I have no complaints. The only setbacks that I experienced were with the BT infrastructure.
It is obvious that the "rate adaptive" service has to adapt downwards very much faster than it adapts upwards. Noise on the line, from both my phone line and electricity supply, quickly reduces my response from nearer 3Mb by steps to about 1Mb, and it takes a week to crawl back up again. Further details:

  • harryhound1
  • over 13 years ago

"It's becoming clear under the new rules that ISPs which consistently ignore satisfaction levels and provide poor customer service are now being punished .." this doesn't seem to apply to Eclipse who provide rotten speeds and don't try to solve it for their customers but who have just got an AWARD for their residential broadband service..I hate to think what the other ISPs who didn't get an award are like!

  • Rogataber
  • over 13 years ago

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