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HomeChoice launches first channel to use MPEG-4 encoding

HomeChoice has announced that the children's animation channel Toonami is to be added to its platform. This is not massive news in itself, the interesting part is that MPEG-4/AVC encoding will be used for this channel. The other live broadcast channels on the HomeChoice packages are expected to migrate onto MPEG-4 in the next couple of months. More details on

Currently HomeChoice use a fairly standard MPEG-2 encoding for its channels, MPEG-4 offers the same quality transmission for a lower bitrate, or higher quality transmission for the same bitrate.

The MPEG-4 standard is gaining ground, particularly due to the high bit-rates needed for HDTV (High Definition TV). DirecTV in the US are planning to use MPEG-4 for its new HDTV services (see here).


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