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BT Retail publishes its broadband usage FAQ

Our forums have been full of people who use BT Broadband or BT Yahoo! looking for answers to various questions. We attempted to answer some of these a few days ago in our news, but BT themselves has published a set of questions and answers that people can read here.

Some of the biggest key points are that the default action when you go over your usage quota is that the line will continue to work, but will be throttled back to 0.15Mbps. One other key point is that we now know the price BT Retail will charge for people who want to buy extra usage, that is £1.95 (inc VAT) per GB. Any top-up that you buy and is unused at the end of a month is carried over into the next month.

If you are not sure where you stand individually, then it is best to telephone your usual BT contact number to see how you stand.


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