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Plusnet add wireless router option to product range

Plusnet are now stocking the BT Voyager 2100 802.11g wireless ADSL modem/router on their website. The basic router costs £74.99 (inc VAT), which two other bundles available one with a BT Voyager 1060 laptop 802.11g wireless PC Card and another with a Voyager 1040 PCI internal wireless card for desktop PCs. Both the bundles with a single card cost £99.99 (inc VAT). More details on the Plusnet site here.

The Voyager 2100 as well as running an 802.11g wireless network, has four Ethernet sockets allowing you to connect up to four computers directly. The router should work with Apple Mac OSX & OS9, in fact the quick start guide included with the router covers these in addition to MS Windows. The adaptor cards in the bundles though are PC specific. The router itself supports WEP and WPA encryption standards and even has support for a repeater mode based around the WDS standard (though we have not been able to test the repeater mode as yet).


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