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TalkTalk Essentials and Plus products now Totally Unlimited
Friday 31 May 2013 14:26:04 by Andrew Ferguson

TalkTalk started to offer an unlimited downloads service on its Essentials package to replace its original 40GB monthly usage allowance a while ago, today shows another major change in that there will be no more usage of traffic management in peak hours on either the Essentials or Plus product range.

These changes mean the provider will be able to advertise its products as Totally Unlimited, as opposed to just unlimited, the key difference being that with a plain unlimited service reasonable levels of traffic management are allowed.

Previously the differentiation between Essentials and the Plus product was that Plus had less management, but now the Plus product is promoted as the Plus TV service, including a YouView box and unlimited calls to UK landlines.


Posted by greenglide over 4 years ago
I really, really do wonder if the customers realise that "unlimited" isnt really unlimited and "totally unlimited" IS unlimited (at present)!

In future will there be a "absolutely, totally unlimited"! Will we be able to buy an "even more abolutely, totally unlimited" add-on?

Madness in the extreme. Unlimited means "without limit" and possible, by implication, "unconstrained".
Posted by adslmax over 4 years ago
probably hidden fair usage policy somewhere eg: 100GB
Posted by tommy45 over 4 years ago
If they So matter which ISP advertise products as Unlimited then that is what they should be,If they do have any hidden useage caps then it's not unlimited , and as they have advertised it as unlimited then are misleading people deliberately, ASA would step in as they have recently done with BT
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
If talktalk has a fup of 100GB they will be in trouble as that clearly breaks the rules for saying Totally Unlimited.
Posted by Fenris over 4 years ago
TalkTalk FUP is a lot higher than 100GB, or I would have been told off long ago. :)
Posted by ashmo over 4 years ago
All Lies

Download allowance: Unlimited*

* Unlimited Broadband TalkTalk slows down non-time critical peer to peer file sharing at peak times, to ensure the best internet experience for all of our customers. Promotional unlimited download allowance is subject to availability and maybe withdrawn at any time. Fair usage policy applies to unlimited download allowance. Please visit for more details.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
How sure are you that the link you gave is active? As it leads no where and reflects their old policy rather than the changes we have been told about today and are detailed in their kpi
Posted by tommy45 over 4 years ago
A look at their small print, For talk talk BB packages there is no FUP, (If you originaly signed up with talktalk)where as it does say on their web site that if you orginally signed up with Tiscali or Pipex then there is a FUP, How can this be allowed surely they are breeching ASA rules

Posted by francisuk20 over 4 years ago
Great! Move Switchs and Nodes getting high Bandwidth.
Posted by zyborg47 over 4 years ago
Still would not touch them with a barge pole
Posted by jroadley over 4 years ago
Yep, there is something I just don't like about this company - have always avoided no matter how cheap their packages are.
Posted by Stuartli over 4 years ago
I've been with TalkTalk since April 2006 on the AnyTime International3 package (AnyTime UK and international calls free, plus broadband up to 24MB.

There has been only one occasion when I've had a problem and it was sorted out quickly.

I've saved many hundreds of pounds, as have friends and family, by being with TalkTalk.

Some people just seem to delight in putting the company down even without any basis on their part.
Posted by peter_p69 over 4 years ago
Whatever the product, TalkTalk has not been able yet to resolve my "slightly below average" connection speed of 0.30 Mbps out of the "up to 24 Mbps"! What does increase steadily is the list of factors that can affect my connection speed, with the latest ones being "the street lights coming on, the central heating or the TV being switched on". It just adds insult to injury, not “putting the company down even without any basis on their part". The next era is about fibre optic, FTTC/FTTP! There have to be a hell of a street lights to justify those 23.7 Mbps that get lost on the way to my router!

Posted by MRGABOURNE over 4 years ago
New for Essentials customers! Unlimited download allowance subject to fair usage policy

From web site :-o
Posted by otester over 4 years ago

What's your sync speed?
Posted by peter_p69 over 4 years ago
Hi Otester, sorry for not responding sooner. Would this help:
DSL (Sync) Summary
 System Uptime   107:00:14
 Modem DSL(Sync) uptime   6:38:38
 Interleaving   On
 DSL Line Speed up 885 kbps down 3072 kbps
 Line Attenuation up 25.1 down 49
 SN Margin up 9.1 down 22
 Total Errors Seconds   6

Thank you!

Posted by peter_p69 over 4 years ago
Hi otester,
Have I missed any further post from you?
Posted by superduperuser over 3 years ago
Talk Talk are not clear if their fair usage (limited usage) internet policies still apply or not, if you signed up with pipex or tiscali originally. The forum staff say you are now on TT so are unlimited, your essentials account whilst logged in also states unlimited, and yet those legal pages above in your links above still exist. It is about time these companies got told to stop lying to the public, hiding the truth in the very small print.
Posted by superduperuser over 3 years ago
the fair usage policy does apply to all customers, but because of strong competition from genuine unlimited companies, and judging by forum posters, they have been lenient and tend not to slow down heavy users.
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