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186k users cut off in commercial dispute
Thursday 15 January 2009 14:37:58 by John Hunt

Some users of the wholesale broadband service provider 186k who operate brands such as EzeeDSL and EFH Broadband have been cut off today following a dispute between network operator Tiscali and 186k. We have been contacted by users who were seeing messages asking them to contact Tiscali, so rumours about 186k having ceased trading started to flow. The company has assured us that this is not the case and that this is nothing more than a commercial dispute between the two parties.

Message being shown to 186k Users by Tiscali

"This morning a small number of our users had their internet access interrupted by Tiscali UK Limited. This action was taken in response to an ongoing dispute between 186k and Tiscali, which is currently at the stage of litigation.

Last year Tiscali acquired several thousand users from 186k that resided on Tiscali and are in the process of purging those users who have not migrated fully over to them, in a statement from Tiscali to 186k they claim to be unable to separate those users that were acquired from the other small amount of users that 186k still had placed on legacy contracts with Tiscali.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused our customers and believe that Tiscali have not acted in the best interests of end users. 186k are in the process of migrating users to BT Wholesale's network where the bulk of its users are serviced and are providing MAC codes for those who request them. Users are able to access the internet prior to migration by entering a temporary username and password available from their reseller.

The majority of our customers are already on our network via BT Wholesale and therefore this action has affected a small percentage of our user base. We are extremely disappointed however that Tiscali UK have chosen to interrupt access for individuals. Our team are committed to minimising any impact and restoring access as smoothly as possible and are working to do so with our valued customers."

Statement from 186k

"The Wholesale Broadband Agreement with 186k has terminated. In order to provide users with continuity of service and following full consultation with Ofcom, we are implementing this process which is in line with other wholesale providers within our industry."

Tiscali Statement

We recommend any users who are having problems and see the message from Tiscali to contact 186k on 0870 1222 186 who should be able to aid in getting users back online.


Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
Its about time odcom and the likes grew some balls and stopped scumy things like this happening.

Oh and before someone says thats a bit strong look at the recent stories just on here about scumbag ISPs like hi-velocity and Redten just to name two.

Its about time this whole big stupid circle of grab cash and customer doesnt get service stops once and for all.
Posted by burgesscs over 8 years ago
First we get shafted by E7Even, and forced on to Ezedsl/186K, now Tiscali are hijacking us, as the Tiscali recommended companies they say to sign up with are all using Tiscali wholesale lines, surely this cant be aloud to happen. There must be a law against hijacking customers like this.

And as usual it is us the paying public that are left out of pocket, with no service. 186K and Tiscali need their heads banging together very hard along with a lot of other ISP's and Offcom.
Posted by burgesscs over 8 years ago
Tried ringing the 0870 1222 186 number today but it is constantly engaged, looks to me like a lot more customers are effected than they are letting on.
Posted by DFMM over 8 years ago
Looks like their throwing people off in batches as my parents EZee connection was fine at 10am this morning then it died for 20 mins and the Tiscali message appeared.
Posted by Dant27 over 8 years ago
I think you are being a little unfair on Tiscali burgesscs. My connection went off at around 10am this morning, I called them up and got straight through to an operator who provided me with temp Internet access, as well as processing a MAC code for me.

I wrote a quick piece about it on my blog this morning, and already it's getting a lot of traffic from Google so as you have already said, I'd imagine that it's effecting a lot of customers:

Do you think 186k will continue to bill us for the broadband?
Posted by adamashby over 8 years ago
to get 0113 3360740
Posted by burgesscs over 8 years ago
sorry Dant27, when I first spoke with Tiscali they told me 186k had ceased trading, this was untrue. Tiscali are the ones blocking the lines not 186K, and Tiscali after cutting us off and trying to move us on to suppliers using Tiscali wholesale services, look to me like Tiscali win allways round, and we the customer get shafted as usual.

My new provider will not be using Tiscali backbone on principle as I don't want them to do it to me again
Posted by robbyuk over 8 years ago
Absolute disgrace and again I'm out of pocket and no broadband @ home for the near future.

Tiscali is one of the last companies I'd consider as I have used their service in the past. As for their help with a temp e-mail and internet connection, was a waste of a phone call and I'm still waiting for a MAC. Also now it seems there is no broadband/data information coming to my address which I guess Tiscali have done so why are they saying I'll have temp access!

I have little faith that a MAC will be sent to the correct e-mail I gave them but I might be lucky.
Posted by DFMM over 8 years ago
Just to say called Tiscali on 0871 265 7261 requested MAC and temp password. All done in 60 seconds, and now back on line (amazingly he had all my details /addresses etc...hmmmm). The Tiscali support guy was very professional. Now to find a new provider and cancel my ezedsl payments.
186K obviously had time to fire off a warning email to users after the first batch were switched off but chose not to......
Posted by vtraveller_pfff over 8 years ago
Just spoken to 186k. Tiscali have hijacked them after finding out they're moving people over to the BT backbone.

Tiscali's message is a con. Ring 186k on posted number (takes about 20mins at the mo) and THEY'LL give you a temporary username/password.

It will take between 7 and 14 days to migrate you to BT but it will be relatively painless with an email with the new login.

Remember your ISP contracts are still in force and taking this route means everything you had is preserved; whether it's pre-paid money or a static IP.
Posted by foxvideo over 8 years ago
I spoke to Tiscali on the number posted by DFMM, Tiscali had all my details (I was EFH then 186k), they've given me 30 days access with user/pass to find a new provider - they even said I was free to choose other than Tiscali. Would be good to get some real clarification here! Thank God for a laptop that still has a 56k modem!
Posted by Dant27 over 8 years ago
The 0870 12 22 186 number has been engaged on and off all day now, I think it must be effecting more than just a "Small number of users".
Posted by stevie2001 over 8 years ago
I was, a long while back an EFH customer & I jumped away the moment 186k took them over.

In situations like this there should be a some form of post, Bulletin or Advice from OFFCOM stating what users rights are in this situation & both Tiscali & 186k should be obliged to attach/include the advice.

Sadly its left to those on here & sites like this to help as best as possible, those who aren`t as savvy as the members here will be suckered into whatever rubbish they get told by the participating ISP`s.

It`s a shameful example of how the Industry works.
Posted by IfOnly over 8 years ago
Can anyone helpus out here ????
I was on EFH, then was migrated to 186k in 2005. I can't make any sense of these corporate statements.

AFAIK, I was migratated to the BT platform back in 2005 (with EFH)

I have been given a temp account today. I am now getting 360kbp/s down (on a 2Mbps account) and only 1 of 10 www sites are available to me (the other 9 take about 2 hours to load- literally).

Has anyone got any ideas (including a contact number for Tiscali tech support)?

Posted by dexter over 8 years ago
I wouldn't touch Tiscali with a barge pole.

They are the reason I ended up with E7even/Ezeedsl/186k in the first place. I'd had enough of broadband running at 20-30k (yes, that's twenty to thirty K) whilst Tiscali "support" fobbed me off.
Posted by comnut over 8 years ago
I would recommend - no 'lockin' - you can leave anytime, you just need to give 3 months notice...
Posted by Taffyman over 8 years ago
I have been happy using Mailbox Internet taken over by 186K. It seems to me that Tiscali pulled the plug, leaving 186k customers without BB. What I find arrogant is the Tiscali web page. They deserve a slap in the face. They almost had me believing I had to change. I'm sticking with 186K END OF.
Anyone who cannot login set userame to. set password to telephone number. It works!
Posted by Taffyman over 8 years ago
Note the TELNUMBER is Your telephone number on which your broadband line is connected eg. and obviously the password will be the same telephone number.
Enjoy for another 30 days of this temp connection while you get moved to the BT backbone by 186k, unless you really want to support the enemy.
Posted by madfish21 over 8 years ago
Ok let clear this mess up! I have spoken to a 186k rep yesterday and Tisacli, i was very surprised at open and honest explanation i get from 186.
1. TISCALI have given no warning to them or customers about been cut off!
2. YES their is a payment/contract dispute with Tiscali. Which has NOTHING to do with the customers.
3. 186K/Mailbox and whatever other companies they own are around the clock to save customers from been suck in to the TISCALI net.

Posted by madfish21 over 8 years ago
From what i was told is that 186 where gradually moving customers to their BT backbone which would have no effect on the customers other than a change of username and password. Then TISCALI came along tried to take them out of business because they were moving away from them!
Yes i'am annoyed about this, but they seem to be doing everything they can. The temp user name and password work.
This is very interest as i phone Tiscali before i spoke to 186 and they had advised me they had gone BUST and they could not help.
Posted by madfish21 over 8 years ago

Posted by madfish21 over 8 years ago
Am also happy to stay with 186 would not touch Tiscali if they where the last isp on the planet!
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 8 years ago
Ofcom are doing precisely what their government mandata has them do. i.e. pandering to the RIAA, rather than looking to customer needs.
Posted by Taffyman over 8 years ago
I have another interesting spanner to through into the works. Isn't it the case that Tiscali are trying to sell their business to SKY? Is this the writhing and squirming of a dying beast? I hope their price continues to drop from from 450 million gbp and that they get ironically bought out by 186k.
Posted by dexter over 8 years ago
I did complain to Ofcom, although they did point out that it was between 186k and Tiscali! I complained about Tiscali's action and their "customer information", offering immediate solutions with Tiscali wholesale customers only, and implying that other solutions would involve lengthy down time. I was given Ofcom ref no 187723719. Perhaps if enough people complain...?
Posted by Citrange over 8 years ago
I couldn't restore service using the temporary login & password. Anyone else having problems? Can you confirm telephone number is with leading zero for both username and password?
Also what are you using as static ip address in your router setup - or acquiring automatically?
Posted by dexter over 8 years ago
You know, there is a parallel here. What if an electricity or gas retail company decided not to buy their gas/leccy from wholesaler A, but switched to wholesaler B. Would Ofgen consider it OK for wholesaler A to cut off supplies to all the customers of the retailer without notice? I doubt it, even if technically possible. So why should Tiscali have this monopolistc power?
Posted by Taffyman over 8 years ago
Telephone number is as you would enter it with all the digits, don't put any spaces or other characters within the number, there must be an underscore after the number, then check for a double nn in connect as my son put a single and I thought I was wrong. HTH
Posted by IfOnly over 8 years ago
I had trouble with the temp login/password, as well. Sorted now. Yes, the telephone number is always the full UK telephone number including area code and the zero. I got into the network OK (acquired IP and DNS Servers), but could only reach about 20% of websites. Turned out to be MTU setting needed to be changed (now 1492). Starter:
Posted by Taffyman over 8 years ago
Seems hard work with OFCON so I did a report to the Advertising Standards - they bite !!!

The notice is in fact an advertisement by Tiscali as well as a misleading notice. Seems like many of you have been conned. A new 12 month tie in with another provider? I have been with Mailbox a sub or 186k for seven years, my connection has only been lost twice, once by rain and once when they had a router fail, sorry that should be three as my own router was at fault and the tech support was exceptional at sorting it out.
A few more reports to the ASA should get the process moving.
Posted by Taffyman over 8 years ago
For all those wanting to stay with 186k they are open now Sunday. Yes I have now been told that in 5 days I will be on Firenet (186k's BT bulk option). Same deal, same options, everything except a better control panel and a new login.
Posted by burgesscs over 8 years ago
Just spoke to a very helpful guy on 08701222186, it certainly appears Tiscali cut everybody off with no warning at all, still cant believe Tiscali are legally aloud to do this.

186K are transferring people over to firenet, if you ring they will start the transfer process, firenet are on BT wholesale circuits.

The transfer take 5 to 10 days, and we should get emailed with new login details for our routers when the switch is ready.
Posted by howardw over 8 years ago
I think Tiscali stink. I was with E7even on a BT line with TalkTalk as my phone provider then got moved over to 186K (Ezeedsl) after they went bust. I nearly got taken in by Tiscali but none of the phone numbers answered so I rang Talk Talk and asked them to take over my broadband connection. In the meantime I am using my mobile broadband which even allows me access to my E7even email accounts. The sting in the tail for Tiscali is that I am a computer field engineer and one of the frequent questions I get asked is which Internet supplier do you recommend? Oh dear!
Posted by dragon1945 over 8 years ago
Tiscali took over Pipex Homecall, and my 1.5 MB BB shrunk to 0.9 MB. Then I had a 3 day outage, followed by a "service" of 0.3 MB. I was told this was all my line could sustain, despite having had 1.5 MB for 18 months with Pipex. Now I'm on TalkTalk at 1.6 MB. costing £9.00 a month less than I paid Tiscali for the same line rental, calls 24/7 and BB. £108 less per annum, and only a few minor niggles along the way can't be bad.
Posted by chads_mad over 8 years ago
I just spoke to Ofcom on behalf of my Dad who has had no EFH Broadband service since Saturday as a result of this dispute. fcom suggested calling Tiscali Business on 0871 265 7261 (there's no geographical number - I checked). I had an answer (in India I think) within 5 mins and even the offer of a (yet to materialise) MAC code. The workaround (for EFH) to get you back on seems to be: username: and the password is: yourphonenumber Put these into your router and you should be back on. Hope this helps someone!
Posted by teddy1901 over 8 years ago
What a shambles.
I'm in the same boat.
Spent £20 phoning tiscali (i agree with the earlier poster, they seemed to have all my details in front of them????weird) to get my temp password and a promise of a mac which might be sent to my email in the future.
Who will refund my £20?
I did smell a rat when tiscali presented 3 shills as recommendations. Very unnecessary practice.What a mess.
186k have everybody's email address. Why are they not sending out the temp. username and passwords to all those affected, either by post or email.
Their silence is shocking.
Posted by howardw over 8 years ago
The "phonenumber" login works for e7even users - got reconnected again last night
Posted by kingbaz over 8 years ago
web address

phone0300 123 3333
Posted by comnut over 8 years ago
flush80: please NOTE this is not a proper forum,!!
try these..

Aside from being about as pointless as shouting at a man in a pub about awful petrol prices, abuse and swearing will get you nowhere except being banned...

chads_mad has had some success, But the best thing to do is find another ISP with a very short contract, and not waste more time putting good money after bad business!!

search here for 1 month contracts.
Posted by seb (Favicon staff member) over 8 years ago
We have deleted flush80's comments because they contain swearing. We've e-mailed them to warn about this after the first two incidents as we did not wish to prevent legitimate views being expressed; however since it appears this hasn't worked, we have no option but to suspend flush80's comments.
Posted by searcher100 over 8 years ago
16/12/08 11:05 6186.12 Kbps 707.27 Kbps Pipex 20/12/08 18:22 1537.01 Kbps 708.06 Kbps Pipex My best and worst download upload speeds with pipex business pro package on a three month deal free 5oo mins of phone calls and unlimited download cost under £23 per month Yes tiscali parent company but connection always on. Oh and static ip and 20 email addresses 100mbs storage per email.No I am not a business. Works for me Host 360 xbox call of war etc. Stop complaining I remember 14k modems.
Posted by colinturner over 8 years ago
Can anyone supply me with a screenshot, or plain text version, of Tiscali's original blocker message? I'd like to be able to quote it accurately when I complain to Tiscali about their unprofessional actions.
I've stated my views more fully here:
Posted by searcher100 over 8 years ago
What is it the Aussies call us? A bunch of Whinging poms. You pay cheap you get cheap. If the service is too good to be true it probably is exactly that. I know we demand cost effective connections but some of these amazing deals are not commercially viable and can not be relied on to be there this time next year. I don't behold to anyone these are my opinions I thought Pipex were **** but transfering to a business connection has worked for me.
Posted by Dant27 over 8 years ago
@ colinturner - I've got a full copy/paste of the Tiscali screen in the following article:
Posted by colinturner over 8 years ago
Dant27 - many thanks. Just what I wanted.
Posted by robbyuk over 8 years ago
15/01/09 promised a MAC code from Tiscali...still not received it.

Promised an internet connection by Tiscali, still not working.

On phone to EFH(186k) continually, still no answer....

What a scam and a shambles, I again stick with my original post that Tiscali are useless so USE less imo.
Posted by jimfos over 8 years ago
0900 21/1/09. Dialed 0844 9910011 A Firenet rep checked my MAC Code and has confirmed migration to them. Until then the temp username is free to use.
Posted by smjoy1 over 8 years ago
robbyuk - They have to provide a mac within 5 working days, so they will probably be dragging their heels.
Posted by jimfos over 8 years ago
186k made a deal with Firenet a year ago. So why did they not tell us about it and avoid all this hassle? See here.
Posted by jimfos over 8 years ago
Can anybody provide feeback on Firenet or is it time to jump ship?
Posted by comnut over 8 years ago
I think most here would say dont touch anything *vaguely* connected with Tiscali....

Get a 1 month contract, so if problems arise you are not trapped!!
Posted by wapple over 8 years ago
The confusion is caused by the Tiscali’s message. It implies the service is no longer available and you must use one of Tiscali's services or find a new one.

Your current service is still available; it's just that Tiscali have cut you off. 186K can give you a temporary password and when they’ve switched you to BT you’ll get a permanent one. Your existing contract with 186K or a reseller still exists and can be continued.

The message from Tiscali is a disgrace-I spent hours checking out alternative ISPs before I called 186K, only to discover that I hadn't lost my service at all.
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 8 years ago
Yes. This is blatent hijacking and theft, and Tiscali should lose their ISP's liscence over it.
Posted by andys999 over 8 years ago
This is the tip of the iceburg believe me,look at this.
Tiscali are asking for voluntry redundancies in italy (250)
they have stopped the 25%discount on areas that cant get free line rental.
the £4.49,£6.49,£9.99 discounted products have been wiped off OVERNIGHT.
Sales teams are being told quote "just concentrate on existing customers"
The end is nigh.

Posted by PLeonard over 8 years ago
Seven days gone by without connection, no ans from 186K to e-mails, unable to get past the 'we are busy lady' , just how long do you have to wait? Put the phonenumber.temp.dsl into my router , no connection, does this have to activated by 186K before it works. HELP
Posted by robbyuk over 8 years ago
My update:

15/01/09 asked for a MAC from Tiscali

19/01/09 rang Tiscali again and told MAC was being generated and wait 2 more days.

20/01/09 Finally got through to EFH (part of 186k) and told that Tiscali hijacked my internet connection and MAC from my ISP (EFHbroadband)and needed Tiscali to issue my MAC.

Posted by robbyuk over 8 years ago
23/01/09 Rang Tiscali again and told to wait (another) 2 days, I asked them where the MAC would be sent and they asked me for my e-mail as it was not on record even though I had told them each time I'd rung. I am now waiting for a supervisor to ring me back and if he doesn't I will be ringing OFCOM in the next 1hour.

Tiscali are a joke company imo and wouldn't touch them ever given a choice.
Posted by robbyuk over 8 years ago
PLeonard 17, my advice is to continue on the phone with 186k, they will answer as soon as they can. You, like me will probably need a MAC from Tiscali.. good luck.
Posted by PLeonard over 8 years ago
Actually I have no choice, as I just phoned Freedon2Surf and immediately spoke to a man who said 186K have my MAC code and Tiscali cannot offer an alternative connection. I just hope 186K do have the MAC code and Tiscali havn't just lost it from their records.
Will phone 186K after lunch and hope I get lucky.
Posted by richardf111 over 8 years ago
Despite being a "former" 186k customer, Tiscali have refused to activate my temporary account. I have been phoning them at 10p/minute for days now and am getting pretty annoyed.

They have also assured me that 186k has been taken over by them, that 186k has gone into involuntary liquidation and that 186k is no longer in business.
Posted by richardf111 over 8 years ago

Is Tiscali really allowed to act in the way they have? As a broadband customer I am getting fed up of being treated like this by certain ISPs. Perhaps if Ofcom showed a little bit more interest in cracking down on this kind of market abuse then companies such as Tiscali would behave a bit better.
Posted by Philip_R over 8 years ago
Well I have spoken to 186k staff this afternoon and been told that Tiscali have stopped 186k generating anymore MAC codes. Anyone requiring a MAC code now must phone Tiscali's 'MAC Dept' on 0871 265 7261.

I have spoken to T's MAC Dept this afternoon and advised that i would receive mine within 5 days. I told them that was not good enough as I understood that MAC's could be generated immediately. I was told this is not true (can anyone confirm this) but should receive it within 24 hours.

This whole situation stinks for the end user and OFCOM definitely needs to take action this time!!!!
Posted by andys999 over 8 years ago
I have tiscali h/o number here in soho square london.0207-7087-2000.
they are open mon-fri 8.30-5pm
It takes a long time for operater to pick up phone.
ask for complaints dept in SELKIRK SCOTLAND
it does work,they are good there.
Posted by Podster-99 over 8 years ago
After trying since 17th on both 0871 224 2336 and 0844 99 100 20 numbers,on the 21st I finally got through to Firenet who gave me a temp login.
my phone and password being my phone number. This did not work so he gave me another one pasword = testing.
This worked fine. He then advised me to phone Tiscalli on this number 0871 265 7261.
Tried it today at 6.30 pm, got through straight away, and by 6.40pm I had my MAC in front of me :o)
The only thing is, it is only valid til 12th Feb, which is only 20 days, and not 30 ?
Posted by robbyuk over 8 years ago
OFCOM say EFH (186k) are my ISP and are responsible for my MAC

EFH say Tiscali have (hijacked) taken ownership and responsibility for the lines and MAC's, also they ARE still in business and changing to BT as their wholesale provider.

Tiscali say, you will have ur MAC in 2 days... everytime I ring them!
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
robbyuk even if Tiscali have hijacked the line EFH (186k) are still responsible for the giving you your MAC. Id guess this is similar to other cases where Tiscali have hijacked a line from a group company or company associated with Tiscali.

This isnt the first time Tiscali have stole peoples connections, they were doing it to Pipex and other users over a year ago... I agree with what Dawn said they need to lose their license.... Their is no reason though EFH can not generate a MAC for you, especially if its EFH (186k) who still bill you
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 8 years ago
Well yes there is, Carpet. The line is with Tiscali, so it relies on Tiscali's system generating the MAC, which they are now (see above) refusing to do for 186k clients, unless those clients contact them directly.
Posted by burgesscs over 8 years ago
Tiscali's latest trick to screw you over if you don't sign up with the suppliers they recommend is to give you a MAC code that has been used so is useless (and did not get mac code till I threatened them with ofcom as they had not given me it in 5 days).

This is just beyond belief, how can Tiscali be aloud to get away with such Blatant fraudulent trading practices.

Posted by vtraveller_pfff over 8 years ago
Backing up other comments, FireNet emailed saying Tiscali have stopped them issuing MACs and I needed to call Tiscali directly.

I called. FYI, line is engaged when not in use and active from 9am (ish) Monday to Friday. Wish I’d know when calling on Saturday.

Got straight through after 9, at which point the guy on the phone was puzzled why he couldn't issue a MAC immediately, spoke to his manager and then said he can request one and I'll get it in 5 days ... hmmm, we'll see (burgesscs).

eMailed follow-up to 186k support asking a heap of question as my contract is through them.
Posted by burgesscs over 8 years ago
Spoke to Tiscali Friday, they gave me the same Mac code that had been used, so still useless, was told I would be called back Saturday with an answer (was not).

Phoned again this morning, was told to ring Tech support, They where not happy I was passed to them as they cant issue MAC codes, English guy spoke to his super visor and is getting another department to issue my MAC code this afternoon, or I am to call him back.

Will see what happens.
Posted by PLeonard over 8 years ago
Only 70% of the temp.dsl escape route work, i am in the 30% that don't. Tiscali cannot provide a MAC. 186K have not replied to any e-mails since last Monday. Unable to get through to them. Phone twice for 15 mins on Friday and this morning , Monday at 8.35 for another a5 mins. Has anybody been able to contact 186K?
Posted by DFMM over 8 years ago
Ok so after 5 working days no MAC has arrived.
Called Tiscali guy had none of my info (the same info THEY quoted me last week !!!). Finally via a line/ postcode search he found it and the elusive MAC. Couldn't be arsed to ask why they hadn't sent it.... Anyways only valid til 12th Feb !!. Called 186K (25 min queue)and they say MAC invalid have to go back to tiscali. They now promise an engineer will call within 24 hours to sort MAC. Am I hopeful this will be resolved....hmmmmmm think not.
Posted by PLeonard over 8 years ago
Progress at last. Managed to get through to 186K this morning ( 5 mins at 9.01 ) . They are transferring me to Firenet on 30th Jan and they sent me login details. I await, with hope this works.
Posted by robbyuk over 8 years ago
Another update:

Still no MAC!

Thursday 29th I will ring Tiscali again for what it's worth and will ring OFCOM again as they said they want to monitor the situation.

If more people contact OFCOM about this matter (186k and more importantly Tiscali) there is a better chance of them doing something about it.

I see the likly outcome is I will lose my connection altogether so the "tag" can be removed from my line and then apply for a new B/B connection. Time scale 2-4 weeks!
Posted by isplice over 8 years ago
Like many on this thread, I got no replies from Tiscali to two emails requesting a MAC. Finally got a MAC by phoning them but it doesn't work ("Supplied Migration Key has already been Used"). Phoned again and they logged a new MAC request - will take another 5 working days. Does anybody know how to log a complaint with OFCOM? - their website tree seems to lead to a box that just tells me to go raise it with my ISP
Posted by southlands over 8 years ago
if I say v21/ezeedsl/tiscali you'll know where I'm from.Given a used MAC by ezeedsl.In desperation i called ofcom(0207 981 3040&0300 123 3333)was given ref. no. and told to call tiscali business services(again)and mention ofcom.Promised a mac(again)on Monday but not much hope. This am, BINGO... call from tiscali proffering bill& blood pressure enormous.Ofcom should not let this shambles happen
Posted by Philip_R over 8 years ago
When I called OFCOM & explained the situation I was told that Tiscali only had to issue MAC within 5 days. They have referred the matter to Tiscali & 186 and lo and behold I now have a MAC code.
I have also had an e mail confirming MAC & an e mail from their Business Svs Dept so now have a direct contact if i am not happy.
Result ? Watch this space.
Posted by southlands over 8 years ago
email confirming mac eh!You were lucky.. we had to get up before we went to bed!
Posted by robbyuk over 8 years ago
Tiscali as expected a total waste of space.

Ofcom now tell me that a new ISP can remove the tag or marker from the line since the 7th May '08 and looks like it's my only option. It will mean loosing connection for a period... probably 2 weeks or so but worth it to stop dealing with Tiscali IMO.
Posted by DFMM over 8 years ago
My promised 24hr call from Tiscali with a new MAC never happend.
Called again to be told they need to request it again another 48 hrs(oh and they had lost my details again!). spoke to 6 people at Tiscali today...6 different answers, last guy said to try call back at 6pm and low and behold got a new MAC code. called 186k and they checked the MAC was ok. So now using it to move away from Tiscali and 186K. Considering I pay 186K for their service I think they could have been more active in helping to sort their customers out. Still sod em all, I'm off.
Posted by robbyuk over 8 years ago
Guess what, Tiscali AGAIN didn't have my e-mail on record (when I rang today) so when they say they will send me a MAC, where are they going to send it....Useless.

Got the same rubbish that I will get a MAC (from the supervisor) but will ring the Scottish complaints depo next week.
Posted by colinturner over 8 years ago
Tiscali gave me a MAC with an expiry date of 12th Feb. Firenet say this shows it was generated by 186 prior to the planned BT migration and it has been invalidated by Tiscali who are "being difficult". Phoned complaints to Tiscali are met by incomprehension and determination to stick to the script. New MAC promised by Tiscali - due next week. The saga drags on....
Posted by colinturner over 8 years ago
...and this morning (Sat 31st)the postman delivered a printed copy of Tiscali's disconnection notice and 3+ pages of FAQs, all identical with the on-line info displayed 15 days ago. Ah well, saves me having to print it.
Posted by Philip_R over 8 years ago
Well I have been advised by Firenet that my migration will be finalised on Thursday. Fingers crossed but I have a static Ip address assigned so I am fairly confident.
For all you who are still having problems getting your MAC then I suggest you contact OFCOM, explain the situation and demand that they write to 186k and Tiscali to resolve the matter. Tiscali must then come back to you within 5 days, although you will get your MAC before then.
Good luck.
Posted by colinturner over 8 years ago
Called Tiscali on Mon 2nd Feb to chase MAC progress. Operator gave me the same invalid MAC as last week. When I pointed this out it took him 2 or 3 minutes to get me a new one, this time dated 4th March. To his - and possibly Tiscali’s - credit he was very helpful and responsive. Sent new MAC to Firenet and am now waiting for a response.
Posted by jimfos over 8 years ago
03/02/09.09.30 phoned 08449910020.Was given a Firenet usernme. Up and running by 13.00 IP is dynamic and assigned to Mailbox Networks. Data rate is 1.9meg the limit of the BT line. Have as yet no account login details and no method to update payment. Is Medusa dead am I on a BT backbone or back on Tiscli?
Posted by burgesscs over 8 years ago
well I stuck with 186k, and got moved to firenets services. so far BRILLIANT,
1) support is in Ireland not India so can understand them.
2) now on BT backbone and not Tiscali backbone, speed increase from 1mb to 6mb.
3) Tiscali are crap, had to threaten them to finely get my MAC code, and the speed increase getting off there lines is incredible.

I recommend people have as little to do with Tiscali as possible, and any company that uses Tiscali backbone services
Posted by colinturner over 8 years ago
Same here. Benefits so far
512k connection increased to around 2Mb at no extra cost.
My account is still uncapped.
Firenet staffed by people with technical knowledge and the authority to take decisions.
I'm still able to manage my ezeeDSL (186) webspace via the 186K Medusa control panel.

Downside, when my 186 contract ends I will have to move to a capped Firenet account or find another ISP - not Tiscali, though.
Posted by robbyuk over 8 years ago
I still have temp access to broadband, this means another company cannot take the tag off my line until it ceases!

Ticali continue to tell me I will get a MAC (since 15th January!)

Ofcom, waste of time tbh. Told me to get a cease and resupply.... No good, cannot be done except bt BT!

Again the customer suffers!
Posted by jimfos over 8 years ago
19/02/09 Have received this email from Tiscali.
if you believe that you will not have completed your migration by Friday 27th please contact us urgently on 0871 265 7261, to ensure that we can make the necessary . This email was sent from a computer with the following IP address X-Originating-IP: [] which tuns out to be
ISP:Virgin Media..So whois who or is this all a scam to get us to dial 0870? Has anyone tried Tiscali high level complaints for a MAC code?

Posted by andys999 over 8 years ago
Just for all your info-Tiscali like many broadband/phone companies DO NOT USE THERE OWN PHONE SERVICES.
These come from a 3rd party NOT BT but gamma telecom!!
I was shocked when my phone line failed to be told this by indian call centre.
I rang gamma to find out if this was the truth.
Yes it is and they supply MOST end users in uk for phone!!
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