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Zen Internet launches EveryRoom Wi-Fi mesh product

Customers of Zen Internet now have the option of adding Wi-Fi mesh hardware to improve broadband coverage around their home for £7.99/m (plus £9.99 postage for every repeater) on a 12 month contract.

The mesh system is based around the AVM Fritzbox mesh repeater system which retails for around £125.

As standard you get a single repeater and a Fritzbox router to replace any existing old Zen router that you may have. Additional repeaters can be ordered if a single unit does not cover your home. How many you need will depend on the size of the property and its construction.

The guarantee means that if your home is no larger than 170 sq metre a Wi-Fi signal will be available in every room. The website does not say what happens if the guarantee is not met in terms of refunds, but the service has only just launched so plenty of scope for making this clearer.

For those with other broadband providers, there are already lots of solutions and some other providers such as BT charge £10/m for their Whole Home Wi-Fi solution. If you are happy going it alone and following the instructions in the box the best route for many may be to buy a pack of the Whole Home Wi-Fi discs which while BT branded do work with other providers. For basic coverage the smaller discs (not compatible with larger version) are available in a two pack for £74.99 on Amazon at the moment (3 disc pack is £99.99). The smaller discs are AC1200 wireless standard which is slower than the larger discs but should still be sufficient for the usual video streaming, there is an Ethernet socket so if your broadband router is in a terrible location for Wi-Fi you can run a single cable to a suitable location e.g. on top of an uncluttered book shelf and then use the Wi-Fi mesh to connect the additional discs.


A far better mesh WIFI system is the Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD 3 part system. Have used on my former B4RN Gigabit FTTP and now on my Zen 150/250 FTTP.

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  • 11 months ago

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