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Hyperoptic launches Gigabit service in Leeds

If you want Gigabit broadband in your home in Leeds, then moving to The Basilica development in the centre of Leeds means you can order a symmetric 1000 Mbps Hyperoptic service.

The fibre to the building operator has just gone live with its network in The Basilica and is rolling out to over parts of Leeds including including Twenty Twenty and a number of Eddisons properties, including Skyline, Waterside and Bridgewater Place which should once live add a good few thousand apartments able to get a Gigabit service.

"I have been overwhelmed by the experience and affordability of fibre broadband from Hyperoptic. In the past I was frustrated by the ‘up to’ claims of other broadband providers; as a musician and avid gamer, the slowdowns were incessant and exasperating, and my flat-mates didn’t get a look-in. With Hyperoptic, I can get a clean connection for the same price, which is at least five times faster, despite the speeds being advertised as the same - or for a little extra, I can get a Gig. It’s transformed my life; plus my flat-mates and my gaming scores have never been higher!"

Ross Denton, Resident, The Basilica

The average (mean) download speed across Leeds is not bad at 24.6 Mbps (median 14.5 Mbps - Q4 2014) and some 90% of Leeds District can order a superfast service, but access to a symmetric 1000 Mbps service via someone like Hyperoptic is still vastly faster than the 200 or 300 Mbps service everyone is waiting for Virgin Media to announce. If anything the relatively high availability of superfast services across a city actually makes it more important for developments to offer something better than the norm to attract residents.


It's going in here (Romford, Gidea Park) - and I can't wait?!

  • George99
  • over 6 years ago

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