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Sky starts sending our migration letters to O2 customers

The acquisition and transfer of O2 customers to the Sky brand is hardly news, but it appears that the migration letters have started going out to customers of O2. These letters will set out the individual offer for each customer, and as circumstances such as whether a voice line rental customer or an existing Sky TV customer will vary then some people may get better offers than others.

In the one example we have seen an old O2 Home Broadband customer who was paying £9.50 per month to O2 previously has been offered a broadband only service for £9/month for the next 12 months, after this special offer period the standard price being £15/month. The £15 is made up of Sky Unlimited Broadband at £7.50 per month, £2.50 for not having Sky TV and another £5 for having the voice line rental with another provider.

The closest price wise among the medium to large providers to this price is PlusNet who will supply unlimited broadband for £12.49/month if you want to keep your voice line rental with a third party provider.

Our understanding of the move is that if you have your voice line rental via O2, that this will be moved to the Sky fully unbundled platform by default. If you want to remain on the WLR product, when you get your letter you should get in touch with Sky via the contact details on your letter to discuss your options. We believe connection to a WLR+SMPF service will be possible, but it is likely the 12 month offer may not be so attractive.

For those chasing the cheapest voice line rental only deals they will probably want to take a look at people like Primus (line rental for £11.39/month) and the Post Office (£12/month). Another option if happy to pay 12 months in advance is to opt for one of the line rental saver deals by paying the next years line rental in one go, which usually has the advantage of making you immune to line rental price rises for the period.


Zen only charges £11.22

  • kamelion
  • over 7 years ago

Zen Home Talk @ £11.22 inc VAT - 1 month contract.

  • GazBaz
  • over 7 years ago

I didn't want to be migrated to Sky, so I'm moving to the >80/20 with PlusNet unlimited. When I phoned for my MAC they were trying to give me free Sky tv for 12 months etc and said I was crazy to pay extra elsewhere, lol... I still turned them down, had already made my mind up that I wanted to return to an ISP I had many great years with in the past.

Hopefully should be connected on Monday =).

  • LeJimster
  • over 7 years ago

I was happily with O2 for 4 years, I decided not to go with sky as I find their sales technique not to my taste. I migrated to plusnet and I am very satisfied. All sky wanted was to sell me every kind of digital package.

I ensured that my account balance with o2 was cleared and up to-date, which o2 confirmed.

When I left I was sent a letter from o2/sky telling me I was £** in credit, a fortnight later they sent me another letter telling me that I was £** in debit!

I ignored it, they are not a company that I have any time for and they would be the very last ISP I could recommend to others

  • maco2
  • over 7 years ago

I was with Be for over 5 years , but glad I kept my phone line separate from them , I was with, and last Friday I received a letter from them saying my telephone line service will be moving to plusnet, !!. I thought oh nice of them to let me know that ,instead of asking me first if would like to move to them ? Surely they should of given me warning about this ? .Any way when sky move my internet service with them , I'm not sure yet if I want too move too sky yet? but things seem to move so fast now I better make up my mind !

  • marco6969
  • over 7 years ago

It's going to be fun now ,my phone service with plusnet and internet with sky? .Still not sure if i want too move to sky yet also?

  • marco6969
  • over 7 years ago

An old article I know but I've just migrated my O2 broadband to Sky for just £5 a month for 12 months. No other charges. Free router. Don't have Sky TV or any other sevice. Keep my BT landline. Not bad for £5.

  • bluesville
  • over 7 years ago

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