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Tesco offers free streamed content to Clubcard members

Netflix and Lovefilm Instant may be the two biggest names in the streamed film marketplace, but blinkbox has not given up the fight and for Tesco Clubcard members beating free will be difficult to achieve.

Update 11:30am Tesco responded quickly to a twitter enquiry to confirm that currently the service is in trial with staff prior to a full roll-out to Clubcard members.

All you need is your Tesco Clubcard number and a few details to confirm you are the account holder and you should have free access to a library of movies and TV series on your PC. The featured catalogue is not the most inspiring with Justic League and Cheesecake Casserole featuring along better known names like Care Bears and Two Pints of Lager & A Packet of Crips.

Normally we try and sign-up and give people an idea of the quality of streaming, but either we have got all our details wrong (most likely) or the sign-up process is broken. Compared to the libary of other services the impression we do get is that it is even more bargain £1 movies than other services - but then it is free.


I wasn't able to register either so I suspect the sign up process is broken. The failure occured on the last step when it asks you to enter your "Privilege Card Number". My standard clubcard number wasn't recognised

  • dave_f
  • over 8 years ago

I managed to sign up. It might be hard to beat free but also it's not the sort of content I would pay more than 1p for anyway. It's rubbish basically!

  • pcoventry76
  • over 8 years ago

Its limited to staff members only at the moment (when it is asking for Privilege card number thats the internal staff card number).

  • reece1605
  • over 8 years ago

Have asked on twitter like you do these days.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 8 years ago

Had an email back from Support after being unable to signup - it's limited to Staff at the moment and will be for the forseeable future before being rolled out to Customers.

  • welshwarrior
  • over 8 years ago

Not looking forward to this on my sub 1 Mbps connection, just as well the films are crap.

  • PhilCoates
  • over 8 years ago

Who wants to watch My Little Pony, Horse of the Year and Black Beauty. All this horse repeats. Buurpp! Pardon me.

  • litesp33d
  • over 8 years ago

Dune is on there though! :D
The categories and searching is hopeless though.

  • Gzero
  • over 8 years ago

It's on netflix too - which for £5.99 a month is much better.

  • pcoventry76
  • over 8 years ago

netflx using a USA based ip seems the best service. To give you an idea, if I search for films with prison in the name using my home ip I get about 25 hits, if I then access netflix using one of my usa based ips (via proxy) suddently its over 160 hits. So I think lvoefilm and this cant touch usa based netflix.

  • chrysalis
  • over 8 years ago

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