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City Fibre Holdings to take over Fibrecity FTTH roll-out

The level of concern over the Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) project that is Fibrecity has been mounting since the projects entered stasis in October 2010. A short press release on the i3 Group website reveals that a consortium led by Greg Mesch a former president of i3 Group has bought the shares for Fibrecity Holdings Ltd, H2O Networks Ltd, Opencity Media Ltd and Wireless Network Systems Ltd. The new consortium will be known as City Fibre Holdings.

There is at this time no news on when the Bournemouth roll-out will resume, and given that it is now a traditional fibre roll-out requiring micro-trenching rather than innovative use of the sewers as ducting there is a possibility that the Bournemouth project may close down. Dundee is still believed to have access to the sewer network to ensure minimal disruption to footpaths and roads, thus with the lower roll-out costs this may continue.

One criticism raised by people has been the lack of transparency on how many users are connected to the FibreCity networks, and how many of these are buying an actual Internet access product from one of the retail providers. The three month delay and issues in the Bournemouth area mean that the immediate future does not look likely to be plain sailing, but with a new captain at the helm perhaps things will change.


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  • krazykizza
  • over 10 years ago

The lack of transparency... does that mean there were figures published but not verifiable, or they were just never published?

The 3 month delay is only the delay from when they stopped work. Considering the timescales and figures touted at the so-called launch, there were significant delays from day one, even before that. I seem to remember stories of this network several years ago.

  • whatever2
  • over 10 years ago

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