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Four week delay to Fibrecity roll-out sees workers laid off

Fibrecity which is run by the group i3, has had ambitious plans for providing fibre services to homes in Bournemouth and Dundee for sometime. Bournemouth ran into problems with the local water firm, but Dundee was going ahead with all parties happy to progress. Alas things are now in a hiatus as the i3 group is undergoing a restructuring process according to a local Dundee newspaper.

Closing a local office does appear a little strange if a project was not at all threatened, and delays to construction work at this time of year may result in further delays, since what could be achieved in four weeks now, may take six weeks once Winter sets in. Those 52 people let go were actually employed by Fujitsu who was installing the cabling.

Assurrances that the Dundee project will resume after the four week delay are good, but it is still worrying. The i3 website has no further information on what restructuring is underway, the latest news is from 12th October and was covering their attendance at London Netcoms 2010. I think everyone concerned will be a lot happy once the first few thousand customers are up and running and using the Fibrecity services for day to day internet access.


They've stopped in Bournemouth as well. Not looking good for i3 however good news for the company that steps in.

  • Dixinormous
  • over 10 years ago

where's motormouth spinner Elfed Thomas when you need him.

Oh - he's in Australia

  • herdwick
  • over 10 years ago

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