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Supanet announces new broadband product range

Supanet has revamped its broadband product range and its customer portal. The new products are available in two main categories: "JustBroadband" is a simple broadband service whilst "BroadbandTalk" includes a telephone service from Supanet, although a BT line is still required. All services are up to 2 Mbps, include free setup and modem and if you are currently using another broadband ISP, the migration is free too. The telephony services include a range of free calls (see Supanet website for details):


Inclusive Bandwidth

Monthly Price

JustBroadband 2 2 GB £14.99
JustBroadband 10 10 GB £17.99
JustBroadband 25 25 GB £29.99
JustBroadband Unlimited Unlimited £49.99
Broadband WeekendTalk 2 GB £13.99
Broadband WeekendTalkPlus 10 GB £16.99
Broadband LeisureTalk 2 GB £16.99
Broadband LeisureTalkPlus 10 GB £19.99
Broadband FreeTalk 2 GB £20.99
Broadband FreeTalkPlus 10 GB £23.99

Full details available on the Supanet website.


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