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Static IP address option on way for BT Central Plus products

BT Broadband (the no-frills service) and BT Yahoo! have both used the BT Central Plus system for a while, and the recent product changes suggest they have moved onto a Capacity Based Charging (CBC) BT Central Plus system. BT Wholesale has published details of a trial that will see service providers using the CBC version of a BT Central Plus being able to provide single or multiple static IP addresses.

For those that do not know, a BT Central is the pipe that connects an ISP into a node of the BT Wholesale ATM network, so that all the data from a providers customers around the country can be channeled onto the providers own network. The BT Central Plus system is slightly different, in that the data remains in the BT network, until it reaches the Internet.

It is thought the purpose of the trial may be to allow BT to move its business customers who currently have static IP options onto the BT Central Plus platform. No dates are available for when things may start to happen, or whether the trial will result in a full roll-out.


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