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Time flies...

ADSLguide has been running for over four years now and during this time we have evolved from a small experimental fun site to one serving hundreds of thousands of users each month. Many people have contributed to the site in different ways during this time.

Jeremy joined us at the end of 2000 and has been with us for over three years. He has been involved with everything from hardware reviews through to back-end programming, system administration and the speed tester. He has been instrumental in the scaling of the site from just another site to one balanced over a growing infrastructure.

He has now decided to step down as webmaster and reviews co-ordinator to focus on developing his career and pursue other interests. The entire staff would like to express our gratitude to Jeremy for the effort he's put into so many parts of the site to make it a success. We wish him every success in future, and perhaps you'll have a chance to contribute to ADSLguide in the future again.


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