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40 more exchanges with some coverage

The footprint we are tracking has increased to 1,978,816 premises up from 1,903,691 on September 25th.

The forty exchanges where we have seen pods appear and accepting orders for the first time follow: The * denotes exchanges where we have more work to do to check the area for additional live pods.

  • Aberdeen Denburn *
  • Bacup *
  • Bethsada
  • Braunstone *
  • Bridlington *
  • Bucksburn
  • Chichester
  • Coalville
  • Douglas
  • Dunstable *
  • Galashiels
  • Great Alton
  • Great Harwood
  • Greenford *
  • Gowerton *
  • Harpenden
  • Hawarden *
  • Kelsall
  • Kinellan
  • North Shields
  • Norwich St Faiths
  • Old Catterick
  • Oswestry
  • Platt Bridge
  • Romsay *
  • Rothley
  • Runcorn East *
  • Sandy
  • Shaw
  • Sutton Elms
  • Tillicoultry
  • Torquay *
  • Turton
  • Warsop
  • Wilmslow *
  • Woodstock
  • Worcester St Johns
  • Worksop
  • Worthing Swandean *

The total number of live pods we know about is 8,330 and actually covers some 3,312,664 premises, with the distance from the pod dropping this to the headline 1,978,816 premises with available. The forty exchanges above don't account for all the increase in the footprint as some existing exchanges are still seeing more pods appear.

Our broadband map has the vast majority of the areas on it, and is the in the process of being updated to include the latest ones such as Old Catterick. 

One part of the roll-outs that is causing people to scratch their heads a little is that BT Consumer in particularly is limiting people to buying the 160 Mbps version, due to the amber status on the data for estimated line speeds and only once the service has gone live and real sync speeds have fed back into the system can people upgrade to the fastest 330 Mbps tier. The reasoning for doing this is most likely to manage expectations and avoid over selling the speeds that are possible, i.e. better to hit the point of sale guarantee rather than get it wrong.

Another new development is that some cabinets are seeing VDSL2 side pods appear on the green PCP cabinet and these VDSL2 sidepods are almost visually identical to the pods. So if you do see a side pod appear it may not be for but to allow for ports of VDSL2 capacity. The advantage of attaching to an existing cabinet is that you have power and fibre nearby and no need for a new plinth hole in the pavement.


We have had G.Fast pods at our 5 cabinets for some time now was hoping for them to be accepting orders soon but with BT it can be months or even years before they switched on.

  • 2bagstew
  • 12 months ago

Is "Romsay*" actually ROMSEY in Hampshire?

  • jonesjh99
  • 12 months ago

Would be nice if they published in advance what their plans were for the next few exchanges.
Would like to swap provider to get a cheaper deal, but then would miss out on free installation when they, eventually, hit my street. But I could be waiting over a year for them and could be better off switching now.

Why are they keeping their plans so vague?

  • rowie
  • 12 months ago

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