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Waiting for your hardware?

Now that wires-only (or self-install) ADSL is here, and you want to get up and running as soon as possible, which way round do you order things? If you order your hardware before you have confirmation of activation date, you may find you are out of range, and have stuff you can't use! But you don't want to have to wait knowing that you have the wires-only activated but no hardware for it!

DSLsource have a solution to this. You can now pre-order your modem/router on their website upto 14days in advance, and select the date of delivery. They will reserve the stock in their warehouse and not process the order until 2pm the working day before the specified delivery date. This means no monies will be taken, and you can cancel anytime upto 2pm the working day before delivery, if you find that you fail the tests for activation! More information can be found here.

DSLsource are also still running special offers on the Speed Touch Pro (4 Port) - £155 (ex.vat & delivery) and also the single port Speed Touch Pro - £138 (ex.vat & delivery) prior to the release of the Alcatel Speed Touch 510 which is due to replace the Pro. A review of the 510 will be available here soon!


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