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Installation Fee Slashed in Special Offer

BTwholesale announced today that for 3 months from 1st October 2001 - the install fee for the USB service (BTipstream 500) will be halved from £150 to £75.

The move is one of several in the pipeline that BTwholesale hope will boost the demand for ADSL, since with higher demand the roll-out will be able to be continued. The others been wires-only and self-installs, plus the adoption of RADSL profiles on the BTipstream S500 service.

Eclipse and Zen have both announced this morning that they will pass on this saving to those customers who are installed during the period of the offer. It now remains to be seen whether the other ISP's will pass on this saving or use it to bolster the low profit margins of the product.

Bruce Stanford, director Broadband in BT Wholesale, is quoted as saying "We can see real increases in Broadband demand coming through. This special offer pricing is designed to ensure demand continues to rise. With the introduction of rate adaption which expanded our ability to reach more customers, the rental price change, and imminent marketing activity we intend to make all the conditions right for service providers to get more customers"


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