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Redten pulls offer of 'free PC'

A free PC with your broadband connection sounds like a great deal, but when it involves a three year contract careful thought needs to be taken before signing up. PC Pro has some concerning news that Redten Internet has withdrawn the offer two days after its parent company was taken over. The company website simply states they have run out of PCs and that the company is working to fulfill existing orders.

"The announcement comes two days after Redten's parent company, Watford Electronics, was bought out by Globally Ltd - a company established earlier this week, that operates from the same premises as Redten. However, according to a Globally Ltd spokesman, Redten wasn't part of the Watford buy-out and the company is now a separate legal entity."

Barry Collins from PC Pro on the takeover

Apparently those already up and running with the broadband service are not affected. The concern now is that people who have the service seem to only have two options if Redten Communications ceases to trade, and that is return the PC or pay the residual value of the PC. A letter detailing the purchase of Watford Electronics by Globally Ltd can be read here.


Why would existing users of Redten not become unsecured creditors in the case of failure? The company would have failed to perform the contract and it is at least arguable that the users could keep their PCs as compensation.

  • adagio
  • over 14 years ago

I've just received a news letter from 'SavaStore' with an ad' saying that 'Redten' is offering laptops, desktop, etc for free with 8meg broadband. It is a tempting offer, but if the offer was withdrawn in February how come they can still carry on with the sales pitch?
Or is this another revival?
Does anyone have any info'?

  • layor
  • over 13 years ago

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