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Netservices terminates Biscit/v.21 Services

NetServices plc, a broadband service provider which offers a range of services to resellers has today announced it is terminating its agreement with Biscit CSP Ltd (formerly Ltd) following extensive discussions which have failed to reach an agreement. It is suggested that around 9,500 end users will be affected by this, who are being given the option of continuing service with an alternative Netservices reseller EzeeDSL if they do not wish to experience any loss of service.

"The decision to terminate our contract with V Two One (Biscit CSP) was taken extremely reluctantly, as we understand the impact that this will have for a large number of end users. We have only taken this action once we were satisfied that we had put in place a satisfactory alternative to enable users to continue to receive a broadband service. We believe we have acted in a way that is to the mutual benefit of V Two One (Biscit CSP) users and stakeholders in NetServices."

Commenting Mark Vickers (CEO), Netservices plc

Netservices is encouraging those affected to visit for information. Any users who have not confirmed migration onto EzeeDSL will according to Netservices have cease orders placed on 24 November following which it can typically take up to ten working days for the requests to go through. Netservices state they cannot issue MAC codes for end users. A full statement can be found here.

EzeeDSL, operated by 186k, seems to be the reseller of choice for Netservices to which it sends customers of ISPs it terminates its relationship with. The policy of not issuing MAC codes is not exactly in the interests of consumer choice and this is something that needs to be resolved on a wider regulatory level.

Update 15/11/06 15:55: Biscit has announced that it will begin legal proceedings against NetServices plc seeking substantial seven-figure damages following NetServices' decision to move V21's customers to another service provider. Biscit claims that the commercial dispute with NetServices begun before their acquisition of V21 last month and its customer base represents about 20% of NetServices' business.

"Post acquisition, NetServices presented an invoice to V21 for "burst bandwidth charges" for services it claims it provided to V21's customers from as far back as December 2005. V21 rejected this invoice and launched a full audit into every invoice presented by NetServices to V21 since commercial relations were established in December 2005. The audit began last week.

In October, NetServices also refused to provide technical support to V21 customers and MAC codes allowing V21 customers to migrate to Biscit's secure and robust servers or any other provider."

Biscit/v21 Statement

Biscit recommends V21 customers contact NetServices to ask for MAC codes, something NetServices have stated previously they will not provide. Biscit then suggest customers visit the website to be reconnected and receive a month's broadband connection in compensation with 24-96 hours of downtime once their service has been migrated to the Biscit platform. More information is available at

Update 16/11/06 02:55: NetServices has issued a second statement to clarify issues in what it labels an inaccurate statement issued by V21/Biscit.

"Having terminated our services to V21 today, we have attempted to help end-user customers by enabling them to contact an alternative service provider which is EZEE DSL should they wish to do so.  Contrary to V21's assertion, we have not novated any of V21's customers, either directly or with a third party provider although, contractually, we were entitled to do this.

Our decision to terminate the agreement with V21 was taken due to V21's repeated failure to pay charges due under the contract.  We are proceeding to recover the sums due from V21/Biscit CSP through legal channels and we regret the need to circulate this message in order to correct the inaccurate and misleading announcement made earlier by V21. 

NetServices Statement

NetServices further stress that as per their MAC Code Policy published on their website, they are unable to issue MAC codes to customers and as such contacting them is going to achieve nothing.


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