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Extended Reach pilot continues

BT are continuing the Extended Reach pilot until further notice following varied success. We originally reported that no new orders would be accepted after 1000 exchange lines were connected, however BT have advised their customers today they are still accepting new orders. Current figures state that 1,300 lines have successfully been connected out of an approximate total of 3000 orders. 1,500 orders have unfortunately been rejected due to being over the 60dB line loss limit, with a further 300 orders currently being processed.

These figures show that at least half of all orders received appear to be rejected for poor line quality generally due to a large distance from the exchange. There have not been any significant problems highlighted as yet with the trial which is encouraging as it should mean it leads to Extended Reach becoming more than a pilot soon.

BT have put out a plea to customers to encourage their end users to send back feedback questionnaires on the trial. This is vital to ensure that any further advancements on Extended Reach can be tailored in the right direction. If you are currently connected via Extended Reach, we encourage you to get a feedback form from your ISP. If you have previously been rejected for being too far away from an exchange, we recommend you contact one of the ISPs listed here to see if they can get you connected via this pilot.


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