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Providers taking part in extended reach pilot

We have had a large response to the call for providers to contact us regarding whether or not they will be submitting people for BT's new Extended Reach pilot. With just 1000 places and over 100 providers the number of submissions is likely to be limited, and we are aware that some providers have started compiling lists of orders to submit after 9th July.

Service Providers taking part in Pilot



Allcomm Altohiway Limited Andrews & Arnold
BT Broadband C2 Internet Ltd Easynet
Eclipse Freedom 2 Surf PLC Internet Central
Legend Mailbox Merula Limited
MetroNet Internet Mistral Internet NDO
Nildram Onyx Pipex
Plusnet Vispa Internet Ltd Zen Internet
Zetnet Services

For contact details for the providers, see our ISP List here.

This list includes some notable exceptions, since full details of the pilot have not been released this is perhaps understandable. What is not understandable is the number of emails from potential customers who have phoned sales staff who know nothing of the trial. Providers need to ensure that sales staff are aware of developments, even if their answer is just 'yes we are aware of the pilot, but have not decided whether to take part yet'.

If you are a service provider and are not listed and are going to submit orders for the pilot, then email [email protected] and we will endeavor to add you. Conversely if you have tried to contact an ISP on our lists and they deny knowledge of the pilot, we will flag this up.


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