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You need to select a Usage Profile which best describes how much you think you will download from the Internet. If you are unsure, you should probably select "Home Light" or "Home Medium". It may be worth discussing this with other members of your household as some activity (e.g. downloading movies online) can increase the usage significantly. This setting will NOT affect the pricing for 'unlimited' packages.

Packages (based on 3GB transfer) - incl. 20% VAT
Package Name Speed Setup Monthly First Year
Unlimited Broadband 10 Mbps £10.00 £20.00 £250.05
Unlimited Fibre 36 Mbps £15.00 £26.00 £327.05
Unlimited Fibre Plus 67 Mbps FREE £30.00 £360.00
EE 4G Phone SIM with Unlimited Data 31 Mbps FREE £34.00 £407.95
EE 5G Phone SIM with unlimited data 100 Mbps FREE £44.00 £528.05
4GEE Home Router 100GB 31 Mbps FREE £35.00 £420.00
4GEE Home Router 500GB 31 Mbps FREE £50.00 £600.05
5GEE WiFi 100 Mbps £100.00 £50.00 £700.05
Fibre Max 1 Broadband 145 Mbps FREE £40.00 £479.95
Fibre Max 2 Broadband 300 Mbps FREE £47.00 £564.05
Unlimited Broadband + Apple TV 4K 10 Mbps £10.00 £35.00 £430.05
Unlimited Fibre Broadband + Apple TV 4K 36 Mbps £15.00 £41.00 £507.00
Unlimited Fibre Plus Broadband + Apple TV 4K 67 Mbps FREE £45.00 £540.00
Unlimited Fibre Max 1 Broadband + Apple TV 4K 145 Mbps FREE £55.00 £660.00
Unlimited Fibre Max 2 Broadband + Apple TV 4K 300 Mbps FREE £62.00 £744.00

red prices indicated packages with usage based pricing (the more you download, the more it costs)

ISP Details
Name EE
Legal Name Everything Everywhere Limited
Also Known As Orange
Company Type UK Limited Company ( company number: 02382161 )
ISPA Member Corporate
What is this?

ISPA is the Internet Services Providers' Association (, a trade association which many ISPs are members of. ISPA members are subject to the ISPA Code of Practice in addition to any other dispute resolution schemes they may subscribe to.

Ofcom Code of Practice Yes
What is this?

The Ofcom Voluntary Code of Practice (Broadband) is an agreement broadband providers can subscribe to which promises they will provide consumers with information on the speeds they can achieve, what sort of traffic limits might be in place, etc. More details at

Migration Support Inbound and Outbound
What is this?

Migration is the process of moving a broadband service from one ISP to another, usually minimising the amount of disruption in the process. Inbound migration means your ISP will allow you to transfer to their service from another ISP. Outbound migration means you can transfer from their service to another ISP.

If your ISP doesn't support migration, you would need to cancel your broadband service, wait until it's removed from your line and then re-order with another ISP. This may cost most and will result in a longer period of no connectivity.

We recommend you choose an ISP which support both inbound and outbound migration.

Ratings starstarhalf star compare this ISP to others
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Contact Details
Sales Telephone 0800 953 5836 (Free Call (e.g. 0800)) Mon - Fri (Open 24hrs) | Sat (Open 24hrs) | Sun (Open 24hrs)
Support Telephone 0844 873 8586 (Non-geographic "lo-call" (e.g. 0845)) Mon - Fri (Open 24hrs) | Sat (Open 24hrs) | Sun (Closed)

Okay but could reward loyalty more!

  • backstreets
  • 1 day ago

EE Home Broadband would be excellent were it not for the distance we live from the exchange. Despite trying hard for us, EE could only get 1 Mbps from the old copper line. Again, not EE's fault, but we are paying the same as others who are getting at least 30x faster broadband.

  • doonhamer
  • 29 days ago

EE Home Broadband would be excellent were it not for the distance we live from the exchange. Despite trying hard for us, EE could only get 1 Mbps from the old copper line. Again, not EE's fault, but we are paying the same as others who are getting at least 30x faster broadband.

  • doonhamer
  • 29 days ago

EE is probably worse than the atrocious average at connection speeds and reliability of staying connected. In the early days my router was flying at top speed. However, after three years I am almost back to Dial-Up speeds; or I am doing something else whilst waiting for the router to re-connect with the outside World. Disgusting! the advice to keep moving to other suppliers every year is most certainly sound advice. I will be moving to a competitor in October 2019, when my current contract expires. Having spent twenty seven years in Germany and become used to high quality and service, I am at a loss to understand the shocking service now! It is actually down to the company's "contention Ratio".

  • arp5792
  • about 1 month ago

I was happy with EE at first as it offered a competitive price and the download speed whilst not the best was constant. However last month the price was hiked considerably and the connection no longer reliable as it becomes very slow or drops out completely at busy times.

  • mags41
  • 2 months ago

Very happy with EE with everything from Speed, reliability and customer service.
You wouldn't think they are now part of BT as they were were my previous provider and were the total opposite of EE.

  • mikewest
  • 4 months ago

Always been good on speed and reliability, onlt had to use customer services once and that was a good experience.

  • RobLunt
  • 4 months ago

Having agreed a deal they promptly increased the price. OK, I have the right to cancel, but it's not a good thing to do.

  • springnuts
  • 4 months ago

it's just the BT landline of 1.1 miles to the cainet,with part aluminium landline,that is the problem!

we pay 2019 tariffs for a 1970 landline of 5-7+ mbps.

  • michael-scott
  • 4 months ago

since I have changed to EE from TalkTalk ( which I had been with for about 10 years) have noticed a vast increase in not only download speed (although on same speed package) but upload speed also, 62mbs down and 23mbs upload, also the router is a vast improvement, speeds do not change from wifi or wired, cant ask for more, well recommend, kept me well informed on change over, have not had need to contact customer services yet, well pleased that I changed.

  • manorman
  • 6 months ago

EE Review

I pay £18 per month for a 17MB connection using my own
TP-LINK 300MBps Router.

I get a download speed that averages out at about 15 - 16 MBps
and an upload speed that averages out to about 0.9 - 1MBps.

As this connection has always worked OK for me, I have had no
experience of user support or communications with EE or their
predecessors; Freeserve, Wanadoo and Orange.

Would I recommend this company, then I would say no as, for
personal reasons, I make a point of never make reservations
good or bad.


  • coothead
  • 7 months ago

Formerly with who were an installation/changeover nightmare beyond belief only to find ee as also part of bt almost as incompetent and unprofessional with its accounting madness!
Overall every part of bt and its subsideries got it completely wrong too often.
Customer service waffled and lied and thought they were being clever!
They all steal each others customers without being both competent and professional.
In comparison to the General Post Office Telephones they are are needing direct effective leadership which is totally lacking STILL!
Some individuals in bt, and ee are brilliant but they are a small number unrewarded and unrecognised!
This is what is wrong with short-term marketing and honest trading being absent.
The uk landline industry has been hijacked by twats.And the majority do not care beyond the next pay packet!
This is purely from everlasting bitter experiences!
My Sam Knows white box is witness to it all......a sick joke.

  • michael-scott
  • 8 months ago

Still paying premium rate so much for loyalty!

  • backstreets
  • 9 months ago

Generally very good with consistent high speed ( circa 70+ MBs)
However, this last week we were off air for best part of 1 day!

  • howfastami
  • 9 months ago

I have found that the speed will drop, will lose connection, at any time of the day.

  • mdmagic
  • about 1 year ago

I have a Samknows Whitebox fitted to my connection which provides an industry standard measurement of the service provided.

I pay for 75Mbps but get an average of 48.5Mbps with a maximum achieved of 48.8Mbps.

  • matb
  • about 1 year ago

EE,a BT company,managed to send me bills for more than my 18 months fixed contract amounts.

They corrected this with no communication or apology.

My experience with BT and its other companies over many years has been atrocious!

My BT landline cabinet is 1.1 miles away and I still have aluminium as part of my landline installed in 1970 whilst I pay national 2018 prices for my landline.


  • michael-scott
  • about 1 year ago

Really good so far!

  • about 1 year ago

Excellent speed & reliability. Hardly ever down (probably shouldn't tempt providence!) & great price alongside free phone calls anytime including mobiles & some foreign calls.

  • howfastami
  • about 1 year ago

I upgraded on 8 May to fibre broadband just before I went into hospital. Since then I have been without broadband! Now I'm waiting for an Openreach engineer. Not at all happy.

  • kiddo50
  • about 1 year ago

EE seem to have a major problem in their accounts department:I am on a fixed monthly price contract and they have started to charge a higher incorrect amount every month.
I find most suppliers the same with wonderful 'blah blah talk' and completely useless service.
You cannot sort this out by sending them a simple e-mail because they have stopped dealing with e-mails!!
All promises and very poor customer service.

  • michael-scott
  • about 1 year ago

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