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Gigabit broadband on the way to Underriver
Tuesday 15 October 2013 10:17:56 by Andrew Ferguson

Another corner of England is set to gain access to world leading broadband speeds. Underriver in Kent has now reached enough sign-ups for the Gigaclear service that the network will be built, bringing 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps services to residents and businesses in Underriver and the surrounding villages.

In a newsletter to those who signed up a rough schedule of works has been set out, with everyone connected in early 2014, the exact schedule should be available in December. The key stage now is to submit the applications to the Highway Authorities and landowners to give permission to cross their land.

For residents of Underriver now is the time to start thinking where you want the main fibre to terminate, as during the roll-out Gigaclear will install a small underground pot/chamber and will be visiting to find out your preferred location ahead of the roll-out. This pot is where the homeowner can connect their 25m fibre kit themselves or using an installer, generally it is just inside the property boundary. Having a fibre pot on the property in no way forces people to sign-up to the service, but its presence makes it easy if you change your mind at a later date, or a subsequent resident of the property wants to order the service.

There is a map of the currently planned coverage area, and if you are just outside the planned coverage it is important to get in touch with Gigaclear as soon as possible to find out if your property and neighbours can be included in the build.


Posted by pcoventry76 over 3 years ago
Nice for the people of underriver. But yet again gigaclear picking their areas. As I have stated before I hit their signup level and they still didn't want to know. I guess the area I was going for is not Oxfordy enough
Posted by Michael_Chare over 3 years ago
This project has demonstrated that it is the efforts of the local coordinators to persuade local residents to sign up, that has generated enough commitment for the project to be economic.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 3 years ago
I went to them with over 400 signups (which they said 400 was the threshhold) and they did nothing, trust me sometimes that's just not enough!
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Signups as in you had their cheques in your hands? Or expressions of interest?

I also thought your area pcoventry has ADSL2+ and Virgin Media already?
Posted by mervl over 3 years ago
Whether it's BT, an altnet or anybody else, in the real world you don't just snap your fingers and the genie comes out of the bottle and grants your wish. Logistics and programming (and finance) take time. We were impatient which is why BDUK ended up with the incumbent.
Posted by New_Londoner over 3 years ago
Does Gigaclear pay a wayleave to install the pot?
Posted by pcoventry76 over 3 years ago
I had expressions on interest but I didn't get registration site on the GL domain like the others have. I could have turned that interest into cash overnight if they had gone for it. Because I ran the 2000 ADSL campaign for the exchange people know my word is good so when I went to them with this info they bit my hand off.

I sent GC the entire list it had over 400 signups on it which is what they told me in an e-mail was the thresh hold. - and it's not the area I am in now it's the Area I was in before.

Posted by fastman over 3 years ago
pc coventry are you in an enabled FTTC exchange or not or is it you cab not enabled or you dont have a cab (infrastructure) Openreach have worked collectively with communities who are willing to gap fund to get communities connected (islip Binfield Heath & Others) but needs to be an enabled exchange
Posted by mdar5 over 3 years ago
Yes its a great model (for BT)
Residents pay BT £40K whatever to upgrade cabinet.
Residents then in effect hand back for free 'their' assets to BT
Residents then pay BT/ISP to receive a service from what was their assets!
Posted by fastman over 3 years ago
mdar assests are not communities - the situation works well for communities as well - the figure is gap funded (multi ISP choice, no future costs - future proofed - looks like a) - not sure where you got 40k - doesn't look like nuts to me -- nor to the communities which are increasing
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